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The Bloods and Blood Piru-Links and Notes

A sort of running bibliography, not exactly a post. For research purposes. Updated November 29, 2009. The situation with Bloods is far more complicated than any one bibliography, even w/o comments, can give.

--See alphabet at right. Notice how the C is crossed out, upside down pitchfork on the C, F, and T.
--See video on "stacking" below.
There appears to be regional or local variations, as well as Blood Piru v. Blood variations.

--2009, November 30--NYDailyNews-"Bodies pile up in Staten Island gang war-victims all affiliated with the Bloods." 4 dead so far.
--2009, October 20--The Gothamist blog discusses an annual NY/NJ urban legend about "Red October"--a month-long crime spree or ten-day initiation that tends to upset people but not be true.

--2009, April 29--NYDailyNews--"Cops nab twenty-one suspected Blood gang members." An eight-month investigation in the Bronx.
--2008, Dec. 31--NYDailyNews--"15-year-old girl 'Lady Red' indicted in two Bronx murders."

**2008, August 20--Virginia Pilot--"Fed witness gives inside view of how 'Bloods' gang operates." Norfolk Bounty Hunter Bloods.
--2007, July 9--NYTimes--"A little girl shot, and a crowd that didn't see." Trenton, NJ, the Blood Sex Murder set of the Bloods.
**2007, January 31--FrederickNewsPost--Police charge two teens with attempted murder." The mother found a safe with guns and "training literature" in her son's bedroom and turned him in. Picture below is not related.

Credits: Banner from California; Gang Alphabet blood-piru-knowledge-gangsters blogspot.
Credit: Global Grind blog (about hip-hop). A bust in Compton. Pic possibly from LA Times.

--From Bloodgangs.com--a little on seniority. This is about tenure, not leadership.
L.Y.G. (Little Young Gangster) - members under 18 years old
Y.G. (Young Gangster) - members over 18 years old
O.Y.G. (Original Young Gangster) - after 5 active years of banging
O.G. (Original Gangster) - after 10 active years of banging
O.O.G. (Double O.G.) - after 15 active years of banging.
O.O.O.G. (Tripple O.G.) - after 20 active years of banging

--From a Bloods documentary video (part 1) by ThiazVids,  (paraphrase) "it's a war, war on the street. The bad thing is when you hit a momma or a kid, but.  . (shrug)  . . . get out of the way."
Another quote: "We ain't rappers, we're factors. We're about the facts."
--Part 2 by ThiazVids, here. There's so many cars and rappers in here, not as good. Quote: "It's about business now."  The second video's not worth much scholarly attention . . .

--This video has a few signs, some dress notes, and a lot of photos on Game. This is good, but I am looking for a better one. "If you're Blood, throw it up." Surblade, 3 mins.

**Blood Stacking, with a note that this is a member of the Tree Top Pirus. The vid is five minutes long for the music. Once he stacks a shot to the head (2:38), you can stop the vid. An incredible amount of wordless information in less than three minutes.

**Compton Blood Pirus, from Thiazvids, a pretty good documentary vidder. Nothing glamorous about this video. People measuring drugs for sales (like fast food) and then onward to their drug of choice--multigenerational failure clearly documented. This is Blood Piru--maroon, not red signs. The fragility of enjoyment, life, and even the thin nature of redemption and forgiveness. Excruciating nine minutes.

Web sites:
**Blood Knowledge. com has an interesting history of LA Bloods & Pirus, slightly different than others. For instance, it includes the Black P Stones of Chicago and denies the affiliation with the People Nation. The source is anonymous and the site is not full-quality as to references.

--Knowgangs com has a good history of the Bloods, starting with Compton and then going to Riker's Island, where an independent group formed against the Latin Kings inside the prison. It emphasizes the non-centralized, spontaneous formation of the collected gangs known as Bloods.

--Streetgangs. com "Blood Sets in Los Angeles County." has a listing of 78 different Blood or Piru organizations, with links to some, plus information on other counties.
--Wikipedia, "Bloods."  A generic article.

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