Friday, August 7, 2009

Mexican Mafia--eMe--Video series

This is the "Mexican Mafia episode from the History Channel's "Gangland Series".  Viewer discretion is advised. There's a lot of dead bodies and killings in here, some murder scenes after the fact.
You can purchase the series at the link.
Each video here is about ten minutes, and they seem to be pretty good. Links are included, in case the video fails.

Part 1: "A symbiotic relationship between the prison gang and the street gang."--Tony Rafael. The formation of the Surenos, Sur-13. Implied is that the Surenos are the street side of the Mexican Mafia.

Mexican Mafia, part 2: Solidifying racial divisions in LA.--veering off from the gang and into Los Angeles history. A decent backgrounder.

The Mexican Mafia, part 3: The formation of the Mexican Mafia.
"They sent MM members to San Quentin to transform them, but the MM transformed San Quentin instead."
Links to Aryan Brotherhood.

The Mexican Mafia, part 4:
1975--The beginning of the fight against the Nuestra Familia gang (also Nortenos).

Part 5: The conflict over the film American Me (1992) and an attempt at crackdown. American Me was the most powerful film I've ever seen. The inaccuracies in it don't take away from the rest of what you learn.
See Wikipedia, "American Me" and imDb, "American Me" for filmography.

Part 6: The SHU, or Security Housing Unit. The last minute is the important minute, because it describes the perfection of La Eme's system, nearly foolproof within the interstices of law enforcement and corrections. In American Me, the quote is: "The state is so lame, they paid for the game."

Another post on La Eme will cover the usual links and notes.

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