Thursday, October 1, 2009

Days of Heaven (1978)

Terrence Malik wrote and directed this visually beautiful film set in the 1900s, right before World War I. It won an Oscar for best cinematography for Nestor Almendros that year. I don't know what it was competing with, but I'd say this was a great choice for the award.
I caught it once (okay, on late night television) and couldn't get over how wonderful it was.

At the end, Linda Manz, the girl character who narrates throughout the film, runs away from school, or plays truant--to talk to a friend she made during the time of crisis. The girl is slightly older but doesn't have the same smarts as her friend. The last line goes something like this:

This girl doesn't know where she's going or what she wants. Maybe she'll meet up with a character.

Yeah--the story keeps going, with different leads . . .

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