Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dieciocho--18th St. Gang in El Salvador, U.S. part 2

The Diez y Ocho (Ten plus Eight or Eighteen) is one of the two major gangs in El Salvador and also in the United States. The other is Mara Salvatrucha.
This series is from BBC. Except for the Norteno music, which is Tex-Mex, it seems free of exaggeration. In South and Central America, Mexico is seen as a prosperous nation and is a significant cultural exporter, so maybe they really are listening to Tex-Mex in El Salvador.
As in all docu-video, there is a little playing up to the camera. But mostly we see this trade is run by poor kids in El Salvador.

Video 1: Gang Initiation

Video 2: The flip side of immigration. When parents emigrate and leave their children behind, the children make their own families. An economy that rents to them, tattoos them, that protests when they are robbed too often, that buys weed from them.

Video 3:
You don't do what you sell.

Video 4

Video 5

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