Friday, September 4, 2009

The Pagans MC

These are from The History Channel's 'Gangland Series'. Uploaded to YouTube by permanentlockdown on August 1, 2009. This episode brings in how much of a business the gang really is. A little on the methamphetamine trade. Two former gang members were interviewed. One, Jimmy DeGregorio , is a former "meth cooker" and "president" of the Pagans. The other one, "Denny" was an enforcer. Both of these informants were betrayed by the gang, which seems to be the main way informants are made.

You can order the Gangland video series from the History Channel here or at itunes. This is from Season 4.

Part 1:
Jimmy D. "The motorcycles and the brotherhood. Everything else comes after that."

Part 2:
The leadership of Fred "Dutch" Birhans in the mid-Sixties completed the transformation of the club into a gang.  The self-reported rise of Jimmy D., the methamphetamine trade.

Part 3:
The Mafia tries to shake the Pagans down for methamphetamine street tax.
"Diamondback" One-percenter patch in diamond shape signifies a chapter president.
The 'Mother Club' is like the Board of Directors and apparently numbers 13.
ARGO, NUNYA. Ar, go eff yourself, none ah ya business.

Part 4:
The Norse Myth of Surtar, the ruler of Hell as their motif.
Smaller gang, more intimate networking. But betrayal still occurs.
Mid 1990's Federal investigators build their case.

Part 5:
The end of the fight for Philadelphia between Hell's Angels and the Pagans.


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Jimmy D is the shit

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Dear Anonymous,
Well, he's an operator, certainly.

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