Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Neighbors Bring Tar & Feathers to Budget Meeting

and I am run out on a rail: Witch! Witch! Abuser of power!!!! Get out of our sight!!!

Nope, my dread was for nothing. Worst of the gig is over. Three people showed up to talk about the budget increase. One of them wants us to add something back in, thereby raising budget a little more. Another wants to know why we pay so much for phone and Internet. I promise to check that again, and I will. The third just wants to know how it goes.

The Board Member who wants us to cut more from the budget (don't know how) did not show up. Twelve doughnuts and one box of coffee cooled on the table in the Community Room.

Due diligence accomplished! Now to be re-elected. . . that's next month.

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