Thursday, October 29, 2009

October: Good Stuff

"The Good Stuff"--It's a way of thanking the blog writers I follow (officially and unofficially) for writing great posts and editing great sites. Maybe you'll find a new writer that knocks your socks off, a like-minded individual, or somebody worth learning from.

Some members of the Chicago PD are working on a referendum to change City Government--post after post at Second City Cop. This is the post that got it off the ground.
New York Cabbie has a choice in mayoral candidates--sort of.
The NY Times is talking sewage. No lie! But that was only in August.
In DC, almost half of the residents live alone. Okay, so they're not alone in being alone.

Oh, Hell
Appallingly Innocent: But also Morons --and in Vancouver, Hostages to Their Fortune.
Tattooists can't spell, idiots can't drive, and crazy people don't come with instructions.
The rich are different. They're way more rude.
Daughters grow up. You have to plan ahead.
If you want to know about Swine Flu (H1N1) don't trust the Prez, trust the Centers for Disease Control.

Down Time
Enjoying the fall weather at Warrior Poets.
Other people's traditions make you wonder about your own.
Some Crafty Bastard won an award for a huge paper doughnut. Can't eat it, can't dust it, will not last, okay.

Working with Style
BTW, we're still in Iraq--and someone got promoted. Congratulations to the LPN!
New Taser advisories?--The SGT has a plan. (I don't know about Tasers; I read the Sgt for his unflappable approach.)
Compassionate but direct--medical advice at Trauma Queen.
Pressure where pressure is due . . . and some full-out cooperation at Report on Conditions
Using experience to good effect in LowCountry C & P.

Something Funny
Walk a mile in my shoes: at The Roanoke Cop.
Sergeant Murphy's Laws at The Things Worth Believing In. Somehow, there's a bunch of them.

For these and many other great reads, Thanks for a great October!

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