Thursday, November 19, 2009

Better Holidays: A Useful Directory

In one week, all the bird turkeys in the United States will be feeling the heat.
Then the marathon will begin its second lap.
Whether you're feeling happy or blue--whether you celebrate Christmas or Hannukah or Kwanzaa or nada--
something here will improve your luck for the holiday season.

Charities: Give Wisely.
--Charity Navigator: Rates 5448 charities by financial health, donor privacy, and efficient use of contributions. You can search by keyword to get your issue, or by the charity's name. the Better Business Bureau site.
--Charity Watch: An A-to-Z Charity Listing.
--Food Bank Locator: In the U.S.--Find the food bank in your zip code.
--Food Banks Canada, lists by province.

Safe Shopping, Safe Living: Watch Yourself.
--On the street or parking lot.
--Internet shopping. You want your credit information protected with SSL. This site has more tips like that.
--Fire Safety at home.
--Crime Safety at home.

Shipping: Be Prepared.
--If you're sending a package to an APO or FPO, you should send no later than December 3rd.
Otherwise, you've got some time.
--US Postal Service site. lists the dates, the bottom line.
--Canada Post also has mailing dates.

The Holiday Blues: Take care of yourself.
 Ten Steps for a healthy holiday, with a little perspective!
If you need the Twelve Steps, find a meeting. Somebody there needs you too.
A site for U.S. Military Families.

If you are in despair, call someone. If there is no one, there is still someone:
U.S. Holiday Depression : a 1-800 crisis hotline is listed at this site.
Canada: Crisis Hotline number listed here.

Any more useful tips or sites? I'd love to hear. Please add to comments. I may add them to the body of this post.

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Slamdunk said...

Comprehensive list Ann. The "Holiday Blues" is an issue that many forget.

For those feeling nostalgic for a Christmas past, here is a gallery of early Christmas cards and this list of vintage holiday decorations between 1945 and 1970 was interesting.