Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November: Good Stuff

I'm early, because the illustration was too good to pass up.
To the simple & super humans I keep checking daily in the blog world (most of you are both):
Thanks for some incredible posts and valuable insights.
May all your turkeys be on a plate and not the road.

--One grass-roots reformer in one Brooklyn neighborhood. And what law enforcement costs in BlastedVille. Hat Tip, NYT City Desk.
--People die from fires in illegal apartments, but NYC can't crack down.
Berlin became one city in 1989, and The Bronze remembers.

Something Hilarious, Something Funny:
--Crass-pollination talks about the twodoods. She also links to the funniest post of 2007: the emergence of sumdood.
--In DC, they're talking like idiots. No, no, on the street.
--Coming clean about rehab and conviction in the classifieds, at Johnny Law Chronicles.

Oh, Hell:
--At AfghanQuest, straight talk about back-o'-the-line B.S., Public Health, and really bad lodgings.
--War of the Stats: So long as Ruralshire's constables are fighting Blandshire's, nothing need get done.
--NYC Taxes at Work: Calling 911 to be rescued from a house cat on 'roids at gothamist.
--The fog, the real fog of rescue, at Report on Conditions.
--You could learn Spanish, but--the last guy was from somewhere else.

--Everyone's favorite constable now has a column in the newspaper. Go, Hondo's pard! I'll be checking the Vancouver Sun!
--And the Army LPN is headed home. Safe travels!

Working to Effect:
--NYT resurrects an article on civilian response to crime and terror.
--More than one kind of traffic jam out there. This one's in Jalalabad, from Free Range International.
--More PD to FD cooperation, this time saving a life. From Statter911.
--The moral choice is the right choice, at Report on Conditions.

Down Time: What Down Time?
Time-savers for first responders and their support in all fields.
--The SGT says watch out for drunk drivers in unusual places, at unusual times.
--Check out my Top Ten Shopping Tips for Holiday Perspective. (Also linked at top left.)
--Check out my Directory for Shopping Safety, Mailing Dates, and Checking Out the Charities. Slamdunk links to some holiday cheer in the comments. Check 'em out!

Illustration from ac-nancy metz.fr, and they also wish you Happy Thanksgiving, in a more generic way, of course.

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