Sunday, December 20, 2009

The IOS: Still Bangin' on the Block: er, Blog

The Insane Original Scholars started claiming turf in November 2009, and announced its presence in Ann T.'s territory on 12/4/2009. Now 15 posts are specifically gang "links and notes" pages, all stored in the month of August, in a good order for reading through. I think they take from two minutes to an hour to read, depending on how many links you try. And lots of pictures, which sometimes explain more than words.

Because of other posts besides "links and notes", there's a total of 21 posts on gangs under the "gang category". Posts to come:
Folk Nation
People Nation
18th Street
Gang Wars, Central California (N-14 v S-13) as an exemplar of other gang migrations/conflicts
more Prison Gangs such as the Aryan Brotherhood and the Texas Syndicate
Motorcycle Gangs: I got a story or two on the Bandidos
A lot more on Gang Economics, which leads to studying--

International Crime
I've moved somewhat to international crime to help me understand the gang economics.  International crime (bigger than gangs) will be posted in the month of September, eventually in a good order for reading them. I don't have enough on those yet, but they'll be about international finance, small wars, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and weapons trafficking.

Yes, they will relate to terrorism: it's the same set of markets. Since I am not applying for a government grant, I prefer to analyze terror as an economic factor rather than something distinct and previously unknown.

This is Ann T. Hathaway blog's 101st post.  I started in September, so that's where the insane part comes from. I still want to blog memoirs and poems and entertain, so that anyone stopping by can browse and relax. We can't  be intense all the time. But I also want to give back, for all the insights and interesting things I have read by people with "Difficult Jobs." Maybe the IOS will  keep me off the streets . . . or get me back on them. . . . which I also want.

Still taking requests, notifications, corrections, and amplifications,

Thanks to all my readers and commenters, followers and lurkers: glad you stopped by.
Ann T.


Edith Bunker said...

you're blog does have geat breadth! I have to read more of your posts before I can ask specific questions about your gang project, but keep it all coming! Thanks for writing.

Also...It seems that I can comment only if I go through internet explorer on a blasted PC (not my primary comuper). Am I missing something?

Ann T. said...

Dear Mrs. Bunker,
Welcome in! I apologize for electronic whatever.
Let me check that out.

I do have moderation on, but there shouldn't be any other barriers.

I will report back.
Ann T.

Anonymous said...

Test comment on Explorer