Monday, December 28, 2009

Manhattan for Christmas

You'd better

I had a wonderful time!
That's Macy's. They were closed, like most of the big-box stores. But plenty of other places were hopping.

Temperature: in the 30's. No rain until the last thirty minutes.
Miles walked: I think 3.6 miles, not including time spent in line at the Empire State Building (at least another mile) side trips, detours and ambivalent peregrinations.
Smiles received: at least a hundred.
Lousy pictures taken: 29. You'll see ( but only six). Apparently I stood crookedly for every one.
Items purchased: One cup of coffee, one Cafe Americano, one street dog. First sauerkraut in my life.

I went to the Empire State Building first. I am so afraid of heights. The guard rail is not too ugly and very high, very safe. I was not afraid there. Winds would gust, but I watched a seagull land on our balcony ledge in the middle of one particularly violent puff. A dip of one wing, two legs extended, and he was where he wanted to be. Just amazing.

It was cold. I took a minute in the inside observation room. The view reminded me of the Grand Canyon: so many magnificent views, it was hard to focus on anything but mass. I'll go back and learn how to do better.

Bryant Park, skating rink. Unlike me, the ice was perfectly level. People were sitting outside and drinking wine, or shopping someplace close. The skaters were having a blast! Big flirting scene for all ages!

Rockefeller Center was jammed: the kind of crowd that almost lifts you off your feet--hey, wait--lemme out--

And Radio City. I love neon signs. And you know, I was there, so . . .

I tried to thank everyone working that day. I think the maid particularly appreciated it. If you had to clean the Empire State Building, you'd need encouragement too!


Slamdunk said...

For the Brother in Law, the Empire State Building is a special place--he proposed to his wife up there. I do think it was during a warm month though--so they can go back and celebrate that memory duing a warm month...

Glad you survived the blah weather and good pictures!

The Observer said...

You did all right with the pics! You really can't go wrong focusing on the Chrysler Building.

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
I have a manuscript with a couple of similarly significant scenes set up there--good place to agree to get married! I salute your b0i-l's taste!

Dear the Observer,
I guess they were okay. I'm with you--love the Chrysler Bldg too.

You guys are great not to be snickering at my touristy, crooked-y efforts.


Ann T.