Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow, Fire, all That

This post is for Captain Schmoe: I have a report on conditions.

1. Occasionally I take a good picture. The gothic house in front of you is our local hippie house. Or animal house. It depends.

2. It's snowing. A wonderful time to check out the shoes I will wear in New York next week. I bought these size-10 duck-hunting babies when I lived in RiverTown. I was sick of sitting in air-conditioned classrooms with damp feet after rainstorms. The first time I wore them, my feet were so dry I drove through a pool of standing water on the road. Impervious to wetness? I was. My distributor was not.  Dummy.

3. Yes, I know snow looks the same to everybody. I still think it's pretty.

4. This is my condo from the outside. My windows. I am sure my neighbor on the first floor thought I was taking pictures of her unit, so I cropped the bottom. Not to worry.

5. Captain Schmoe, we had a false alarm. The last time the fire department came, it was for a totally different building that you access from a totally different alley. I singlehandedly stopped the descent of axes on a door by screaming out my window. "I'll come down! I'll come down!!" I am a very responsible person.
This time, it was a false alarm for the building in the reflection  in the picture above.

Still snowing. The icicles at left are streaming from my window. They are also pointing the way to my glasses. When I screamed that no axes were necessary this time, my glasses fell off my head and into a snow drift below. It took a minute to rush out my unit's door, five seconds to find out they weren't after any door of my building, and ten minutes to find my glasses. It may not have been ten minutes. But since I didn't have my gloves, it felt like it.

Merry SnowDays to Everyone,
Ann T.


Slamdunk said...

Fun photos--and you can keep all that snow.

Too bad there is no photographic evidence of your expression after those glasses plummeted into the snow drift far below.

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
Now there's something to be grateful for! I would have had to pay money to get that photo back!
Ann T.