Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Wicked Witch Succumbed to Zombie-dumb

Year of the Living Dead
For over thirteen months (number of months May be significant, but I doubt it) I have tried to be a humanistic treasurer. My goals have been accuracy, transparency, and consistency. And to be nice but firm about my expectations of the managerial staff.

I have undertaken, taught, given color charts, shown what I wanted, lived it, modelled it by example, listed it, met over it, called on it, visited it, encouraged it, ordered it, persuaded, cajoled, empathized, sympathized, pleaded, begged, nagged, chirped, demonstrated, supervised, edited . . . are there any other verbal verbs left?
 Then I flat ran out of nice ways to talk. I could feel my throat tighten and my voice get hard. I didn't like where that tone was going. So . . .before I started cursing, kicking, or whupping donkey . . .

They always thought I was interfering. Yeah, I was.

I went away for a couple months. Still didn't get done.

Well, it's past the end of the year. I told them in December I would audit all the individual owner accounts. That's almost three hundred accounts. They Couldn't figure out how to print the reports. I made them send them to me. And I audited them.

Over forty percent of the accounts have a mistake, a question, a serious problem, an overbilling, underbilling, hot check, wrong balance, freakazoid use of improper discretion or total lack of discretion. Umm, it does represent some improvement . . .

Today's Meeting of the Past-alive
So we had our Condo Bored Meeting. I came, I saw, I demonstrated, reported, displayed, contradicted excuses, blah blah and you know what?
The manager and I are supposed to have a meeting. I think I already did that, times past count.

But once more I will ride my broom down to the den of the zombies . . . . hello, my pretties . . . . wake up . . . it's time to clean house. . . . probably get the old umyeah-umyeah-um.

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Bob G. said...

This type of "problem" seems to permeate much of our society...

If it can't be done by snapping fingers (or by osmosis), then we just find that one person who DOES know "what it's all about" (like the hokey-pokey) and everything falls on them.

People need to reawaken and develop some inquisitivness and challenge THEMSELVES for a change instead of relying on the few...the proud...the educated.

But hey, that's just *my* opinion.


Slamdunk said...

Stay on them Ann T. your persistence will pay off--even if they do what you want just so you'll leave them alone. At least that has been my personal experience where I acted in your part.

The Observer said...

Ann T

Condo "BORED"--I love it!

When I read of nurse manager openings in the "help wanted" ads, and it lists the qualifications (clinical experience, MSN perferred, yada yada) I always silently add, "abiltiy to herd cats."

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob G.,
The few, the proud, the educated . . . sort of like USMC! Better I call it the USEC.

Dear Slamdunk,
Now writing policy to go USEC on the basement, with renewed persistence.

Dear The Observer,
You're right about the cat thing. Only these are the pillow-sitting kind.

Thanks to you all!
Now putting on my boots and bringing new meaning to the words, occupying force.

Your grateful rear-echelon broom-wielder,
Ann T.

Unknown said...

Taking names and kicking ass. I like!!

Ann T. said...

oh good peedee, you're roaming!
Thanks for stopping by! Muah!
Ann T.

Edith Bunker said...

There are valid reasons for being a control freak. Compelling reasons.

Ann T. said...

Dear Mrs. Bunker,
There certainly are. And would you believe, the zombies cancelled for Friday!! May they rot!!

But worse that that, they will be sorry. The more they leave up to me, the less they will enjoy the experience.

Thanks for writing in!

Ann T.