Saturday, January 23, 2010

Message in a Bottle

(What if this message embarrasses you, or me, or causes others to be uncomfortable? What does that matter compared to your happiness?)

Your world is more turbulent than most.
You struggle and get angry. Time after time, that anger yields no result.
The struggle lives on. It never ends.

So you say screw it. You go for escape.
Laughter works, but you don't forget.
The incidents blur, but all the pain is everywhere.

You find your anger is now at yourself.
The effort of maintaining a personality seems more and more hollow.
Fatigue sets in. The simplest thing becomes hard.

There's a way to fill back up and be happy. There is.
You are good, smart, decent. Each pain you feel is a sign of great love.
Sounds like sentimental claptrap. But I can only use the words we have.

I am as sure you will be loved as I am afraid for you now  . . .
Guardian of good, sufferer for mankind, you matter in this world.
You matter to me. Whatever you feel or don't feel--come through--