Monday, January 18, 2010

She Found Me Amusing & Large-Minded: No, Big-Headed--

 . . . or was that pig-headed?

Peedee of Queen of the Dogs selected me for this award. If I wasn't big-headed before . . .

I now have the power to confer Best Blog Awards on fifteen others. Almost everyone on my blogroll has either been chosen already or they are gentlemen and/or professionals who I am not sure will put a valentine-looking thing on their blog. Fear not: I am going to award you, not check up on you! Place them as you will!

my first encouragement, a font of unique wisdom, beautiful poems and powerful prose, committed to everything he does.

someone who thinks about the homeless, how to cross a street safely, and how to love a dog the best; in short, a person with compassion both professional and personal.

a man with wide interests and varied friends, on a mission to find missing persons and restore families, as well as nurture his own.

treading the fine line of disaster with heart, humor, and a really clear eye. another early encouragement and an excellent writer.

it may be about Chicago, and it may be by a cop only for cops, but I've learned more about municipal government reading his blog than I ever did in Poli Sci.

another blog by a cop for cops, but his approach makes me feel that all things can be undertaken well

a perfect lady, writing the perfect newspaper about South Kansas City, and about life. her blog is one of the more friendly places on electronic earth.

for police and military, but also a wonderful place for any strategic thinkers. this blog is all about philosophy and practical knowledge written by a highly intelligent practitioner.

9. Chiron
another erudite blog with strategic thinking, philosophy, and a different way of exploring the nature of conflict and how to think it through when you don't have time to think.

a good man, a hard job and a clear vision of what's what. yep, he's got a talent for it.

poet, photographer
minimalist encyclopedist
paradox? not at all!

I am sorry this is not a necktie. If it was a tie, It would have Betty on it. Gia already picked you. Why not 2?

13. 14.  Mrs. Bunker, Captain Schmoe, you may also double-heart as you see fit. For encouragement, insight, and laughs.

teaches in an NYC elementary school. She doesn't write often enough for me, because her prose is enchanting . .

Thanks a million, to Peedee and my readers! You don't know what a breath of fresh air and sunlight you have been to me.
Say goodbye, Felix . . .


The Observer said...

Ann T

Aw shucks now...thank you!

The Observer

miss brave said...

Thank you, I'm honored!

Raindog said...

Thank you for the nice compliment.


Slamdunk said...

Congrats on your recognition Ann T. and thanks for the kind words.

Ann T. said...

Dear Everyone,
Your recognition is well-deserved! I hope it brings you more readership too!

Most Sincerely,
Ann T.