Friday, January 29, 2010

Gooped Again! Zombie Slugs

I went to the labyrinth of Zombie Slugs this afternoon. Just to confirm our appointment.
Something's come up, the Head Zombie said. We won't be able to do anything tomorrow. I'll send you an e-mail.
Mindful of reader advice, I'm going down anyway. I want to confirm the cataclysm supposedly in store.
In case you are wondering, they are getting efficiency devices tomorrow. We call them computers with memories unfilled with old cartoons, restaurant menus, and Mary Kay orders. They call them Horror!
I expect Zombie escape tactics. Add in that it's Friday. You'll never see a Zombie any faster.
Photo: Austin Probe.


Bob G. said...

When it comes to the "Zombification" of parts of the populace in America, I'm making sure you're on my short list of surviving humans...!

That's a hoot!

Have a great weekend
(and good night, Mr. Romero...wherever you are)

Unknown said...

God I hate zombies.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob G.,
Yeah, I will be heading to someplace where whomever knows what knocks them off--that could be your very house! There are many kinds of monster to be, but zombie would just not work for somebody of my temperament. Talk about a fate worse than death.

Yours truly,
Ann T.

Dear Peedee,
I read your post. I've never seen a zombie movie. I am so frightened of horror movies. The year I saw The Omen I couldn't walk into my closet alone. I was sure nasty nanny was in there ready to push me out the window. I spent the best part of Alien I looking at broken popcorn and sticky glaze on the theatre floor. I can read Steven King and Bram Stoker, but I have to seriously talk it through during the process.

So maybe I would be afraid of zombies, but it's really vampires and evil nannies that make me sweat. You can't tell me vampires aren't walking around--not only that, they're terrible tippers! No matter how much they leave, it always costs the servant in the end.
Not to mention reptilian things that gestate in human stomachs ugggggghhhh!

Frightfully sorry about the pix,
Ann T.

Paul Champagne said...

Some of my best friends are Zombies ... along with most of our politicians ... very scary indeed.

Ann T. said...

Dear Paul,
Gracious! Well, I hope they (and you) have a great social life to make up for that mindless work . . .

As for the politicians, I'm afraid I agree. Far too much shambling around and eating what doesn't belong to them.

Thanks for writing in!
Ann T.