Saturday, February 6, 2010

Coming and Going: Law Enforcement Blog Update

Pepper Spray Me is Gone on Arrival, and the Warrior Poets blog has gracefully said good-bye. Their authors had completely different voices and almost completely different concerns in law enforcement. Both authors are incredibly gifted writers. Their sites were beautiful to look at and wonderful to read. It feels like a terrible, double wham for them to leave.

I am not taking them off my blogroll. That's sort of like keeping a candle lit in the window so that travelers can return--just a wish.

Some other law enforcement literati seemed to be disappearing. For a while, Low Country Crime and Punishment was out--and with a bad back--so I was worried about him. But he's writing again.

The Roanoke Cop was informed that he could not specify his location any longer. He is importing old posts to the Ten-Eighty blog, and we are to completely forget where he practices law enforcement. I've updated my blog roll and promised to spread the word.

Sometimes I wonder if the 'powers that be' understand how much these blogs do for community relations. These law enforcement officers take the time to share their commitment, their travails, the triumphs, (almost all of those triumphs with a bitter edge) the laughs, and the ironies. It gives all of law enforcement a much more human face. I see so many trolls out there who verbally blast away without careful reading. They all sound the same. These blogs are, or have been, a thoughtful and varied counterpoint to that mindless cut-and-run.

You bloggers with Difficult Jobs: you teach me so much. I'm grateful for your efforts on and off the net. I'm still reading, learning, and recommending--every single one of you on my blogroll.


Edith Bunker said...

I have learned a lot from being able to read the various law enforcement blogs that you list.
I was educated about the goings-on in my own fair city by the Second City Cop. The law enforcement blogs are a fascinating peek behind the public persona maintained by political forces, and my perception of the Chicago Police has changed significantly since I started following some of the blogs.
Thank you for introducing me to my neighbors!

Edith Bunker said...

Also--I hope your feeling better!

Ann T. said...

Dear Mrs. Bunker,
I feel much better today, thank you! I'm so glad my blogroll has introduced you to SSC and many other fine writers.

Have a great day!
Ann T.

The Observer said...

Dear Ann T

Might I recommend a blog written by a corrections officer? I came across it on the blog roll of one of KC's finest bloggers, Midtown Miscreant, who has a criminal past and did some prison time. The url is: and the blog's title is "Attitude and Pepper Spray"

Glad you are back among the living! Now, just to dig out from the 20 inches of snow... ;-)

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
First, thanks for your vary good medical advice. I think the chicken soup and the breathing of boiling hot vapor also helped.

Second, both of those blogs are truly great! The Miscreant is thoughtful and sarcastic and the attitude and pepper spray man definitely deserves a look.

Third, yeah, 20 inches of snow. It just kept on coming down. The entire city is pretty much to pedestrian, which gives it a whole new feel. I took a nice long walk!

Ann T.

Slamdunk said...

With RC, I am surprised that he lasted as long as he did with identifying his agency. He is one of my top police blogger reads, but from the department's perspective, I understand the need to control what is being written publically by personnel--especially when his stuff was being criticized in the local papers there.

Hopefully, he will continue with the good insights from "parts unknown."

Glad you took a walk, and I'll anticipate the blizzard pictures. a bit more to the north and west we only got 6 inches of snow out of this one--and I am not complaining.

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
I forgot about the controversy in his home town. He really is a good blogger and I'm glad he's going to try this method.

Maybe the new anonymity will free him up to write more controversial stuff.

Thanks for writing in!
Ann T.