Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Do You Miss Me Yet? Nope.

That's the title of a post over at The South Kansas City Observer--
I'm not putting this guy's picture on my blog.
I'm not going to rant all over my friend's page of good will, either.

She brings it up to note that 'liberals' have said it's inappropriate. I wouldn't say that was very liberal, and I think it's right to call the naysayers into serious question. I expect free speech to disagree with my own, more frequently than not.

This billboard is civil. And it is clever. In the United States, we frequently pick clever over principled in our politicians. I don't suppose that makes us unique.

But I do Not miss him. I will NEVER miss him, or his mean-spirited, officious, spendthrift crew, if I live to be a hundred.

The curse of the American people is a short, short memory--


The Observer said...

Dear Ann T

I have now no doubt about how you feel about The Former POTUS Who Will Not Be Named. :-)

I was perturbed there were people responding to the MN public radio site who would want to squelch that bill board. In fact, I dislike the PC crowd that would use their "values" to squelch speech they didn't like.

"clever over principled in our politicans"--most principled people won't do politics, and if they do take the plunge, it's very hard for theme to keep their principles!

Thanks for reading

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Yes, I win the naivete booby prize, looking for the principled politician. I meant more that cleverness helps us forget that which is behind it. Nothing like refining my sentences in advance.

He whom I have not named was not clever, but he did have a damned clever publicist. And of course you may name him here. I just didn't want to.

Ha! That'll show him,
Ann T.

P.S. I support free speech, in fact I need it all the time.