Sunday, February 7, 2010

O, Snowy Day! O, Breath of Beer! O Glacier Mountain!

Just two pictures. This  is the corner of O and 17th Street. On the left, the cars are almost completely buried. The streets were plowed enough so that they were coated with about 4 inches of densely-packed snow. It's going to be tough to drive for at least a week, because that ice is not coming up. It was fun, however, to see the entire neighborhood become a pedestrian walkway.  You people in Canada and Scandinavia can laugh. We are completely discombobulated around here. And supposed to get more snow Tuesday.
I took a fairly long walk. At Dupont Circle, one guy was flat on his back at the back of a massive snowball fight. I headed toward him because he looked to be in some distress. Someone woman was trying to get him to stand up and couldn't do it. I speeded up.

Necessitan assistencia? I asked.
Assistencia? The petite girl in the ski jacket and watch cap turned out to be a white male, red hair, strip thin and about five-seven. 'What do we need assistance for?"
I just stared at him.
"Oh, you're trying to Help," he said. I hate jackasses. Especially with sour beer breath. Some college student or Congressional Aide. God save the world.
"Yeah, he can't stand up and he's peed himself." He also needed a tissue. My non-medical opinion.
"My friend is from Brazil," he sneered. "We don't need anything."

Now there's a logical construct for you. With friends like these--and me not being a speaker of Brazilian Portuguese--
There were enough people around, and the guy was now sitting up on a bench. My authority was nil and he was not going to freeze to death. I left him with the Future Diplomat. And when I walked back through the park, they weren't there.

This is a great old Victorian that used to belong to some brew master back in the day. Oh, LOL! I just tied that together. Generations of beer-breath money. Still, the architecture is for the ages. I must say dark brick is enhanced by the snow, too.
When I got back home, some young lady was cross-country skiing Southbound on 17th Avenue. Incredible! The world is full of marvels, that's for sure. Supposedly we remember them all. Some are to save for sure, just so you remember there is pleasure and fun and lasting accomplishment in the world.

Today my neighbor that knows so much about birds? I bought rock salt for the princely sum of $1.99, then appropriated the shovel he had thoughtully left in the back of his truck. He and I shoveled the back door so people can get out without climbing the Apennine Range. Our snowplow service is UA, baby. I called the GM to call them again.

I keep checking Mr. Bloom, but he's not answering the door. He's in his late eighties, and I'm afraid he's out of soup. But the front desk has heard from him. He's okay for now. And if he decides to go to Safeway, he can go outside now. I hope he doesn't try.


Unknown said...

I must admit, I'm jealous. If you've got to endure cold weather, then a shit ton of snow is the way to do it!!

Build a snowan and take a pic for us Ann!

Stay warm.... =)

Bob G. said...

That is one beautiful shot of that Victorian to see what the INSIDE is like
(note to self: after death swing past & haunt this place)

The guy can't stand up and peed himself?
A bit EARLY to celebrate the Super Bowl, hmm?
Maybe he's just a tad LATE from LAST year?

Some folks need NO excuse for inexcusable behavior...
If there IS a downside to FREEDOM, that HAS to be it.

Good post - nice pictures.

Keep those hits comin'!

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee and Bob G.,
you guys make great therapists. Peedee, i loved shoveling snow and i will make an army of snowbabies and take pictures for you.

Bob, I knew if I put that Brazilian borrachero in, somebody would help me reconcile it. it wasn't the Brazilian guy that upset me though, but his dear friend the wise-ass.

You guys are the best. Yeah, Bob, that house was definitely posted for you!

Ann T.

Slamdunk said...

Great cold and snow pics Ann T.

I really glad I don't have to worry about street parking anymore--nothing is more frustrating than being a driver of one of those buried cars pictured, spending an hour digging your self out and then to have a city snow plow pile it all back up.

The Bug said...

We shoveled some on Saturday - but we're not buried like you guys are!

We had a similar experience trying to help an inebriated individual in a wheelchair - he was trying to get over the door jamb at a bar & was too drunk to maneuver his wheelchair - he tipped over backward. My brand new husband was getting ready to offer to help (he's a big strong guy) when he caught us looking & said "what's the matter - never seen anyone in a wheelchair before?" Very belligerant. So we didn't offer to help. Put a small black mark on an otherwise wonderful honeymoon.

The Observer said...

Ann T.

You've heard of instant coffee and instant oatmeal, right? Just add hot water!

Instant Asshole: Just add alcohol.

:-p drunks!

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
I watched somebody try shoveling and give up today, trying to get their truck out. He's not lazy, there's just no place to go with the stuff he wanted to get rid of! The truck bed is completely full of snow.

Crazy for this Southerner, that's for sure. I agree with you. So glad I have no car to worry with. mass transit is a great invention.

Thanks for writing in!
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear The Bug and The Observer,
Yeah, drunks. I am not a temperance activist or even abstemious, but since I live alone I do not drink much at all.

The more I see in life, the more I think drinking is the ticket to one embarrassing or impolite event after another!

However, I am reconciled now-- the dummies.

Thanks for taking care of me,
Ann T.