Friday, February 26, 2010

On Two Feet, in Paradise

At the bottom of this post, there's an appeal. It will cost you two minutes and some thumb-clicks, but not one penny. If you can see your way clear, please consider doing this read-and-click for Densey and Mary Cole.

Last year, Officer Densey Cole of the Chicago Police Department was engaged in a police pursuit when someone pulled out into the intersection he was traversing. Officer Cole swerved to avoid impact, but there was a three-car pileup that smashed his car into  a streetlamp post. Officer Cole was immediately paralyzed from the chest down.

While helpless in the car, another man entered it, and stole Officer Cole's gun, badge, and money. He threatened to kill Cole, but ran off instead--(    ).

Since then, Officer Cole has undertaken intensive rehab. His fiance Mary married him from the hospital bed. He was transferred to a notable rehab center in Denver, where the Denver PD looked after him as their own. He completed that rehab program and moved back to Chicago. Police officers from many areas made contributions for a van, so he can go to his doctor appointments and get going on a daily life.

Here he is, on the news in Denver, telling you himself: unfortunately, the video won't embed here.

Recently, the Coles registered for a dream wedding contest at Crate and Barrel. In the entry Mrs. Cole wrote, she says her husband can stand up now for brief periods of time with some mechanical assistance. It's my understanding if they win, they're going to renew their vows, in some warm tropical place that's not about sickness, and have a honeymoon this time. He'll be on his feet this time. But they can't afford it alone.

for Densey and Mary Cole's Ultimate Dream Wedding.

To win, the Coles need more votes.  Please register at Crate and Barrel, give them your e-mail address, then click the confimation on the e-mail you then receive. With such a large prize at stake, C & B is looking for fraud, so just vote once and pass the word. You will probably get a few ads in your mailbox thereafter, which you can either enjoy or cancel. And the Coles might get a good memory to balance out some hard ones.

H/T Second City Cop


The Bug said...

Done! I'm holding you responsible if I now make random purchases from Crate & Barrel (it will most likely happen!).

Unknown said...

I did this one already over at gia's. I so hope they win!!!

Anonymous said...

Anne............ THANK YOU for reposting this........ I have been working on this for days...... You are a sweetheart to take this up as a cause as I have...... SSC put it up, and i ran with it as best i could.......... People i know personally have ran with it.........And people like you who i don't know personally have ran with it............. 2700 votes down yesterday to being in the lead today!!!!!!!!! THAT is amazing....... I wanted to personally thank you for this........ I am going to be reposting this on my FB page as well as other police sites. If you want to add me on FB my real name is Arlene Ajello-Moffitt. I dont hide who i am on SCC blogs, everyone knows who i am....... I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this up on your site and working hard to help Mary and Densey they Wedding and Honeymoon they deserve!!!! ~hugs~

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee, and The Bug, and Gia too,
I'm so lucky in my electronic neighbors! You ladies are making me a better person, that's for sure.

Dear cpdcoppurr,
What really knocks me out, still, is Denver PD. They went all out for the Coles. I have been wanting an update since then, and now I know the Coles are making plans like this? I hope they win!

Hugs back to you, Arlene,
Ann T.

P.S. I don't have Facebook, or Twitter, or any of that, but anybody that does, Run With it! If you want to use my post for the appeal, Do It!!!!

Unknown said...

Facebook is next for you Ann. ;)

Bob G. said...

Ann (et al):
THIS is what it's all governemnt "poor me"'s PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.

The act of unselfishly giving from one person to another has ALWAYS been one of this nation's hallmarks.
And this situation just goes to show it IS still...alive and well.

Here's wishing the Coles a slambang finish in their pursuit of this win.

BobKat said...

Good Deed there Ann T... !

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob G. and BobKat,
Thanks! I just hope they win!

You guys are wonderful too.
Ann T.

Slamdunk said...

Done Ann T. I hope they win.

You are not on Facebook yet? Ahhh, you are missing all the dirt on your grade school reunions...

Ann T. said...

Dear SlamDunk,
I have been to facebook, and I have deleted facebook. As you know from reading here, it requires Many Words to get my thoughts out.

I am an inexhaustible fountain, but I can't drip!!!

Something wrong w/ that metaphor,
Ann T.