Friday, February 19, 2010

Supervisor Job Security

I guess these could also have gone to the FAIL blog.

The snowplow truck and snow mowers completely covered the parking spaces, filled and unfilled, with snow. Therefore, people couldn't go to work. Fail One.
Our condo paid $35.00 an hour to some snow shovelers, so that people could get to their cars.
Okay, they can get to them all right! Fail Two!

Just to top this off, snow chunks fell off in the way of the automatic garage. So the door was open all night until one person put her coat and boots on over her pj's and went down to kick them out of the way.


Unknown said...

This really does belong on The Fail Blog. lol

Bob G. said...

Talk about your "failed government coverups"...LMAO!

Keep those hits comin'!


The Observer said...

Ann T

That's not your car, is it?


The Observer

PS: We have maybe more snow coming Sunday to KC...

Ann T. said...

Dear Everybody,
Isn't it funny?
T.O, no, it's not my car. I wouldn't be waiting for the help!

Thanks! LOL!
Ann T.