Saturday, February 13, 2010

Torch Song in Blue

Out of the blue, bam, it came on. And if it comes on, it might as well come out.
Just a lyric and melody. Just practice for a bigger war.

Being Blue

The world’s a live wire, angel
The trouble’s on the right.
It’s on the left, in front, behind,
Most days and every night—
Being blue, being blue. It’s all about you.

The streets are full, they’re crazy
With screamers on the wild
And you’re the trouble, baby
Full grown but like a child—
Being blue, being blue. It’s all about you.

I see you laughing, angel
You’re never home to stay
You come around and cry again
And then you’re out to play—
Oh, being blue, being blue. I know what to do.
What does it matter to you?

Don't know how to get the notes on the notepaper into the blog. So, it won't convey length of notes, but what the heck.

B-flat, D, E-flat, F, E-flat, D, B-flat
G, B-flat, G, B-flat, G, G.
B-flat, D, E-flat, F, E-flat, D, C B-flat,
G, B-flat, G, B-flat, G, D (next octave up)
D-F D------. D G B-flat---. G B-flat C [run D-flat/C/B-flat] G B-Flat---- repeat for very last line

Well, the musical notation sucks, but at least it gives an idea. Syncopate at will.
Please note: if you are Madonna or Kiri te Kanawa or somebody, I hope you love it and pay for it.  (!)
E-mail me anytime. Please hurry.

My regular readers, should they find this fun, can noodle all they want with it on the piano or whatever. After all, I read your material and reflected some of it here.

I'm still working on the police rap lyrics. So far they are making me laugh pretty hard. Because they claim to be the authentic voice of the ghetto-working beat cop.

That's why they call it fiction. . . .

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