Wednesday, March 31, 2010


How I wish that young girl had lived.  How I wish this kind of beastly  Bacchanalia would end.

This Persephone
Was driven down by beasts.
She will not return.

If only someone
Had stood for her. If only
Someone had seen it--

Some stood, but never
Enough. Nothing that lasted.
Maybe we blame them.

Take this lesson hard.
Yesterday rioters said
What they wanted to,

Broke windows, threw stones,
Tried to maim and kill. A girl
hung herself at home

Because her classmates
Did as they pleased. The allies
To the rioters

Supported their view
More than they hated the means.
And they don't see it--

They're not standing up.
The one relates to the next:
Beasts, drunk on cruelty.

All this preaching to the choir. That lasting stand. I don't know how to make it. Yet.


Unknown said...

Bullying has been present since I was in school and long before that too. (I was bullied once for about two weeks until my brothers found out and it mysteriously ceased-immediatly!)
Its increased in its violence (as has societies violence) and the means to contact have increased outside the schoolyard as well with all the electronics.

Its a shame. And its happening way too often. Two nasty cases within the past year down here in SoFla.

I dont know how to stop it. Maybe it must start at home, where most things should start with morals and integrity taught.

Bob G. said...

The school KNEW about it (and never really acted upon it), so there just has to be some level of culpability there.

PeeDee is HAS to start at HOME.
But given many of the "home" situations we find children in today, we're already at a disadvantage when it comes to personal integrity and accountability.

The mindset of people needs to be diverted from "entertainment" and brought back to reality, before we slide down too many of those slopes and off the damn cliff.

But hey, that's just *my* opinion.

Slamdunk said...

I think sad stories like this make home schooling that much more appealing. I know if I would not have had to deal with school bullying and other social issues, it would have been just fine with me...

The Observer said...

Ann T
Awful case, makes me very sad. I was bullied terribly in grade school, and for half of 8th grade (never move your child in the middle of the 8th grade year!!) but it pretty much stopped in high school. It seems as if the grade school mentality does not get "grown out of" any more, but carries on in to HS now, where there is so much more that can be used as ammo (relations w/opposite sex, appearance as puberty comes on, etc.) and more at stake too (Higher pressure to achieve, academics, athletics, and so on). There's a lot of community failure here too, and a lot of people have some responsibility for what happened.

We need to be nicer and more grace-full to each other! Bob G. you're right on the button.

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee, Bob, Slamdunk, and The Observer,

I also had a tough time in school for awhile, and I do think it takes an adult intervention.

But I think sometimes this cruelty is learned at home, or on electronics as peedee says.

My big challenge always--how do you take this to the people that don't understand?

Thanks to all for writing in.

Ann T.

Christopher said...

Rarely, anymore, it seems to stories in the media affect me anymore. Innoculation through the years, I suppose.

This one did.

Ann T. said...

Dear Christopher,
I'm so glad to hear from you again. I agree that the stories rarely change. And I would have left your words as the last words, except for sentence 1.
Ann T.