Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ee-jits plus Rodents equals no Candy Bars

The world is just full of people that get the point.
Are you laughing yet?

A corner shopping center has three restaurants, one abandoned video store, and one drug store. The top-floor restaurant remodeled last fall, and the city closed the food aisles for two weekends for R.A.T.Z. Oh, ick.  But everything seemed fine after that. Now the city is doing road/storm sewer work on that corner corner about two blocks from my house. I still don't eat at the restaurants, but I patronize the drug store for an occasional candy bar. Not any more.

Two weeks ago, I walked into my local CVS and saw the floor was moving. They use this grey brillo-textured carpet and the moving things were baby mice. Two days after that, I went in to speak to somebody, but I couldn't stay inside. Somebody had poured naptha all over the carpet (that's what moth balls are made of, and it's not good to breathe). It also doesn't kill rodents.

All the staff was complaining of itching and skin irritation. It's the inside of their lungs I'm worried about. They were also eating in there. It can't be good.

So I wrote the Customer Complaint Center. One week later, I got an e-mail back. "Thank you for your concern in the matter of letter xyz1546. This letter has been sent by Mary Doe."

Five days after that (at least two mouse life cycles, right) I got a call from the district manager.
"I don't want you to worry," he told me. "The store will get remodeled in May, and so there's no problem."

May?!! Four to eight more weeks, and not really rodent control? I was shooting cannonball before I knew it.

"What does remodeling the store front have to do with what's in the back room?" I asked him.

 "In my letter, I said you have to coordinate pest control with the other restaurants and one empty storefront in your building. Otherwise, the mice will just move and then come back.

What are your employees going to do in the meantime with all that carcinogenic naptha laying around?"

He could not get off the phone fast enough. And there I was, warming up to Hanta virus.

District Managers. I knew one good one.

Can anybody give me a big, fat Eeee-e-w/???


Unknown said...

Thats just gross and I feel sorry for the people who have to work there. And the people who work there probably have no choice as jobs are just so prolific right now. yuck.

I dont know if I could step foot in there even after it was all "remodled". My memory is long when it comes to stuff like this.

Bob G. said...

As requested...


Naptha, it's NOT just for NAPALM (and lighter fluid) anymore, kids!

(and to think we used to have it in laundry detergent in the 1950s with FELS- NAPTHA)

Got love it...NOT.

Good post.

The Bug said...

I'll give you one - eeeewwww!!

Additionally - um, are they all just ignorant? If I worked at the store I would at the very least try to do something (after checking the internet for options). Even if I was just a clerk.

Ann T. said...

Dear Everybody,
Oh, it is just gross, and the workers there are not sufficiently aware that these hazards are bad for them.

Bug, if you are a clerk you must still give two week's notice, but that's after you find another job.

And not everybody is fair about reviews. I know employers go to the official site for employee reviews--all neutral--but sly insinuations may still be obtained at the store.

And then in 2 weeks? Maybe it will be fixed. And then they'll hang on until May. They are young poor minority and working close to home. They have 'time in' for the next raise, which they would lose. Etc.

Change is not easy for anyone, but especially for them. This is exactly what they visualize when they think of work. It is a fault of education and background that is hard to overcome.

Wow, look at my soapbox,
Ann T.