Friday, March 19, 2010

Glorious Monuments

Okay, I actually love these and the space they take up in cities, the parks around them, and the opportunities they give us to reflect and to play. But for those who wonder why art ever got abstract, here's your answer.

This is General Logan, surely preparing to sign some important document. However, it looks like he's directing the catering staff, possibly with a shot glass in hand.

At center, Daniel Webster had been declaiming, only to be suddenly struck with lower back pain. Daily sit-ups, Daniel!

Amid these political and military images in greenspaces, there's a doctor, the founder of homeopathy, in his bathrobe. Looks like he needed more fiber in his diet.

I'm sure they were all men of great accomplishment, and the bronze work in every case is stunningly beautiful and enduring.

If they ever When they make a monument to me, I would like to be dressed as Athena, only w/o the helmet, holding a scroll as well as a spear: take that, Buster, and with footnotes!  --

Pigeons will undoubtedly make most of the comments on my posterity. Then some unknown, future Ann T. Wannabee will come along and say, "This woman in a nightgown didn't like her bedtime reading much".

Have a great weekend, everybody! 
From Ann T. ,
scrolling and spear-heading her way through the 21st Century--


Bob G. said...

WOnderfully humorous post...I love it!
And those pictures are nothing short of beautiful.
I love to see real artwork on display.
I've declined to have ANY monument in my honor...

And with good reason.

Being crapped on in life by selfish people is bad enough...being crapped on by pigeons after you've decided on that long dirt nap doesn't seem a proper testament TO a person...

But hey, I COULD run with a nice set of collectible plates or coins...LOL!

Have a great weekend...and say 'hi" to Miss Ellen!

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob G.,
Glad you got a hoot out of it! Miss Ellen and I went boppin' this evening!
Ann T.

The Observer said...

Ann T:

Wonderful posts. We often take these monuments for granted (granite? Sorry...) and pass by w/o looking.

What would your footnotes say--and would they be on your feet?

(OMG, the pun monster is running amok tonight...)

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
That's some BRASS you have, making fun of my footnotes. But my Stone Face is impervious to your puns!

Ann T.