Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In Which Zombie Boss Looks Bright-Eyed

I took my troubles to the Board last night. Zombie Boss said he'd like to meet with me so that he could learn my expectations. Does anybody that reads here think I was not forthcoming about my expectations?

Just checking.
I meet with him at 1 p.m. today.


Bob G. said...


Somehow, I'm thinking that the phrase:
"What part of my previously stated expectations that I already TOLD you about did you NOT comprehend?" will come up...just got that feeling...!

Happy "hunting".

Unknown said...

Oh please say what Bob said to him. Please!! Borrow my lack of filter for the day....

The Bug said...

I'm eager to hear a transcript of the meeting!

The Observer said...

Ann T.
Hope your meeting was...productive (had to stop and think what we would like this meeting to be!) and you are still not in need of the padded room.

Come visit for some needed comic relief--I saw this right after reading this post of yours, and immediately thought of you!

The Observer

Ann T. said...

LOL, and thank you all!

Dear Bob, and peedee,
I would have used the word comprehend, HONEST, but, it was a three-syllable word and Z.B. Just wasn't there. It's the slickest I've ever seen him. He was trying to get me to agree to one more chance and I said NO.

Dear The Bug,
I will write about it as soon as I get my breath! Things have been happening all day! Wowzah!

Dear The Observer,
oh, yeah, productive is Exactly the word I wanted. When I saw your post I laughed so hard my cats both got up and stared.

You guys are the best!
Ann T.