Saturday, March 6, 2010

Miss Ellen is Fast

Now that she's got her humps back.  Here she is, before bike store:
later, she gets a new front tire and an outing.

So, looks like we're good to go. The bike shop that fixed her has thousand dollar bikes! Unbelievable! However, we were not outclassed by any means.
So here she is, for peedee, Mrs. Bunker, The Observer (note helmet, now!) and Bob G., who probably is not surprised about the pricey bicycles available . . .  now I'll be livin' in the fast lane with you all!


Bob G. said...

Never think of Miss Ellen as OLD...she's just "nicely-seasoned".
(reminds me of myself, only I don't have a luggage carrier on the back...LOL)

(I know of people in the Congo who would kill for something as nice.)

And as long as everything WORKS, you pretty much got it all!

Happy Riding.

Unknown said...

She's adorable Ann! Bet she's loving the overhaul too. Keep it up!

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
You're right--if she works, she's got it all! And I'm still older than she is--o wait--more nicely seasoned. However, I do not have any stickers from Amsterdam yet.

Truth to tell, her gears and height are perfect, everything smooth. And that's the kind of seat I like.

Dear peedee,
You bet I'm keeping it up!

Talk to you guys soon,
Ann T.

The Observer said...

Ann T

My friend the Indy Bikehiker would be proud!

Happy and safe riding!

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Thanks the Observer! I'm purty proud too!

Bob, I forgot to mention, if you have a luggage carrier on your derriere, somebody inevitably wants you--

to carry luggage . . . LOL

Let's try to avoid that!
Ann T.

Gia's Spot said...

Dear Ann T
What a great bike! Many happy outings to you!
I just looked at mine and remembered that she needs to go in to hospital for the hit and run on my last endeavor on her! Crap, better make that soon as the weather has started to turn springlike here and I am itching to get back in the saddle! I am hoping I won't have to send her to a salvage yard and get a new one as she was one of those REALLY expensive ones you saw at the bike shop!
Happy Trails to you!

RD said...

Smart Lighting! Many safe travels to you!.

Ann T. said...

Dear Gia,
Yeah, get that great bike back in tune! Brush the cobwebs away! I'll see you in the sunshine.

Ann T.

RD, so glad to hear from you. I might have known you would notice the lights--you are a master photographer of them.

Ann T.

We had another ride today. So that's three days in a row, excellent!