Thursday, March 18, 2010

Miss Ellen Steps Out

Instead of flirting with the flatlands of HotWinds, Miss Ellen wanted to go hill-jumping. All very well for HER, since I am the motor of this duet. But I'm pleased to say we rode up Mount Everest, obeying all traffic laws, including the stop signs at Sherpa Ridge, No-Air Pass, and Too Much Freaking Government.

Those people in Lexusii need to learn what Stop means. I'm sure they'll learn eventually. Hopefully my blood will not be involved in the lesson.

LOL, gang, we're all at home. Going to do it again tomorrow.


Bob G. said...

I love the "Tales of Miss Ellen".

Keep 'em comin!

The Bug said...

Me too! I think it's great to READ about people doing actual stuff outdoors - maybe someday I'll graduate to doing some myself!

Ann T. said...

You guys crack me up! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Ellen is definately gettin sassy now that she's getting a handle on her motor. Ride on!!

Ann T. said...

Evry day, peedee! Thanx!

The Observer said...

Ann T:

And the plural of Lexus is ?!?

Bike safe :-)

The Observer