Friday, March 12, 2010

Nina Simone

Ms. Simone sings this so beautifully. Like she just walked out of disaster and found hope. Her picture is below. She had many looks: Anglicized, African-ized, radicalized, and Empress-ized. The one below has a little of all of those.


Gia's Spot said...

Wow what a voice, and the power behind it! Thanks for finding her for me! Love it!

Raindog said...

Feeling Good is hit at our house. With 90 i-tune plays in year.


P.S. Try Ruth Brown's "I Don't Know."

Ann T. said...

Dear Gia,
I'm so glad I had the privilege of introducing Nina Simone to you!

My next most favorite of hers is "My Baby Cares for Me", but she is known for many others.

Dear RD,
Oh, I'd never heard Ruth Brown! This sounds More than promising for future exploration. I did find "I Don't Know" and that's exactly what I like.

Thanks to both of you!
Ann T.