Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nobody Will Vote For Us Ever Again

Just got out of the big board meeting, from 7 pm to nearly midnight. We had three angry residents, and contrary to our usual corrupt and pandering practice, of giving extensions and benefit-of-the-doubt to all whiners, excusers, and deadbeats, we were tough.

1. The one who wants us to investigate a maintenance man for knocking on his door by mistake, in the paranoid belief that he was about to be robbed--sorry. This is still the land of the free. You have to be robbed first before we can kick ass. Anyway, we think you're delusional.

2. The one who swore the pet policy was unknown and brought a pet in, whose fines we lowered, and then keeps bringing the pet in--all retroactive and new charges fall straight down. Lying, lying lying.

3. The one who let us float his $1500.00 repair bill and then swore he didn't know about it for two years--didn't know about his hot check either--didn't know about the late fees that are written into our constitution--called us mean and unfriendly. Haven't seen him, ever, when he was avoiding payment.  Jerk.

We're getting paid. So that's three votes gone--it's entirely possible we will be freed from this burden. Of course somebody else will have to step up and do it. Huh, probably still get elected after all.


Capt. Schmoe said...

No good deed goes unpunished. I am quite sure serving on a HOA board is a thankless task.

You are probably correct though, it is doubtful anyone else will step up and you will be stuck for another term. Sooner or later however, you will run out of residents who don't hate you and your ordeal will be over. Of course, you then might have to move. Democracy at it's finest. Good luck.

Bob G. said...

I know you're not doing this for any "glory"...or "paycheck", right?

You're doing it SOLELY for the COMIC RELIEF you find at every meeting...
Yeah, that's GOTTA be it.
(I see a book being written in your future...)


Ann T. said...

Both of you are very funny. I have been laughing over this.

Dear Captain,
I forwarded your comment to our Board Prez. He also got a laugh out of it, and suggests we are both on the fast train to hell once they kick us out.

Dear Bob,
You are right, that glory is fleeting stuff. Perhaps it will be literature. I'm thinking graphic novels--

Thanks for the great laughs,
Ann T.

The Observer said...

Ann T.

This is too funny. As an almost 10 year resident of my group'o'houses, I have been approuched to serve on the HOA committee...I have always said no.

Methinks the answer will remain no.

Unless I want to write a book (or a graphic novel)...

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Before I was on the board, I perceived no problems with my building. Everyone was friendly and the trash was picked up every day.

Soon I was deep in hot water boilers, cold water a/c chillers, and management issues, including probably embezzlement. i used a verbal can opener on that guy and he absconded to a western state. After screwing up a condo out west, I have heard he is back in town. Fortunately for him, I have not run into him. I would like to kick his ass, although, I still can't prove anything.

On the fun side, I got to pick out all the deck furniture and design how it would go together. However, that was over a year ago and the boiler issues live on!

Ann T.