Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not Exactly Spring Flowers

Your Tax Dollars at Work.  I myself took these pictures of a Fish Hatchery. That was last spring, and I want to see some--ah, tulips, actually. But I have to work with what I have here. If spring really shows up, we will get tulips.
I love this commute they're doing.
The fish one blows up to full size if you click it. I think that's trout for the tourist and fishing industry.
Then this is the place where water recirculates at the end of the tank. And into a riverine environment.
For all that it's fish, it's a factory, right? In open air. Screened off by chain link and covered with a metal roof. An entire line of fish pools. A lot of signs that say, "Don't Feed the Fish." They get Special Rations.

Not to beat a dead seahorse, but . . .  The fish hatchery is one way of many that we are still a land of self-help, still  one of plenty. Infrastructure. Knowledge. Production.  (Blah, blah, Ann T.)

Mostly, it's just something to break up the day and make you go huh. 
Summer's coming. Spring first. Tulips, even.
Pollyanna Hathaway says Have A Nice Day! We're not backed or bucked yet. We're going fishing.
Mrs. Bunker, get ready.


Gia's Spot said...

Ann T., Pollyanna T,
I wonder about the physiological impact on those fish of fake rivers? Do they know its a hatchery and if not do the chemicals in their bodies know this and make mutated cells? Hmmm were there any signs of this Ann T. ? Also, what's with the tulip talk but no pics?? Umm fishing in a hatchery? is that really fair?

Slamdunk said...

Nice photos--thanks for including them.

We have seen the stock truck putting fish into a nearby waterway. It was interesting for the kids to see the trout and other fish being transported in a huge truck and then released in bulk. Smelly job though.

Bob G. said...

Now what was that I saw on the news last night whetre Obamessaih wants to "regulate" recreational FISHING????

Talk about getting "reeled in"...!
(ruh, roh Reorge)


Ann T. said...

Dear Gia,
In such closed quarters, with only government rations, I noticed that some of the fish were starting to wear leather jackets that announced they were SHARKS. However, since they are rigidly kept in SCHOOLS, most of them were very well-behaved.

When I get tulips, you will!

Dear Slamdunk,
I thought for some reason your kids might like this. Certainly the kids I was with were fascinated.

Since this was open air, not too much smelly fish stuff. But I can just imagine. I wish I had seen it!

Dear Bob,
Although I am partly green, PETA makes me nuts! Ultimately, these people are not humanists, they are extremists.

It is true we've had severe fish depopulation in the oceans. But it is ridiculous to stop a sport for all classes, ages, and economic brackets. The fisheries are a partial answer to this.

We're lucky people! This is a way that government intervention is for the good of all. I think it should be stepped up. . .

Thanks to everybody for writing in!

Ann T.

BobKat said...

Ann T... I felt a "Huh" moment, thanks :) I too am looking forwards to Spring... and tulips. I have to admit a hatchery is like a factory, but I would expect, and hope their rations are what they'd feel on naturally, and figure the water at the hatchery is cleaner than that in many rivers.

Nice post...

The Observer said...

Ann T

The daffodils are poking their heads up around these parts, and I saw a lawn mower working today. As I sit in the library this evening (1958 central standard time)the rain is pounding on the roof...

Spring's coming, honest. I will be looking forward to tulip pics. If the daffys look as good as they're starting, we'll get some pics up.

The Observer

Edith Bunker said...

This is good! I've just enrolled for my first fly fishing casting class. Enough fishies from the hatchery and maybe I'll actually catch something. exciting.


You will LOVE fly fishing. It's so fun, and it gets you into some beautiful country, no matter where you live.

I don't limit myself to one kind of fishing. Get a nice ultra light spinning rig for those days when those trout just won't go for any kind of fly or nymph. You can get a nice low end but name brand ultra light rod, reel and line for $35-40 bucks. Get a variety of Mepps spinners in various medium and small sizes as well as a Beetle Spin variety pack, with a variety of tails.

Ask the clerk about Berkley GULP! baits that are doing well in your area. I've had great success with them in both fresh and salt water, and they make a wide variety of baits. They have some kind of scent in the baits.

Above all, have fun and enjoy the outdoors. Remember, it's the fishing that's fun, not necessarily the catching!

Edith Bunker said...

I cannot wait to know what Berkley baits are. Truth.

Ann T. said...

Dear BobKat,
LOL! Life is full the "huh". Sorry you had to find more of it here!

Dear The Observer,
Yep, I think soon I'll be seeing tulips. And that front moved right in a couple of hours ago. We'll be glad of it later in the year . ..

Thanks you two for writing in!

Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear Mrs. Bunker,
Wow, this really did turn out to be your post! I'm thrilled about your class and

Dear The Fishing Musician,
Thanks for stopping by to give Mrs. Bunker and the rest of us a few tips!

Like you, I think fishing is cool for the trip as well as the catch.

Who knew this would be such an attractive post to so many?

Thank you!

Ann T.