Friday, March 5, 2010

Pentagon shooting

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the two police officers shot outside the Metro station at the Pentagon today.  Both officers were part of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency. Both were wounded--so far we hear not seriously--and taken to a good hospital, George Washington University's hospital. The suspect was also wounded and in custody.

It's too early to start freaking out about terrorism: we should wait to find out. The shooter was outside the station, not inside it or on a train. That station is a big hub for park and ride into Virginia, and very close to some nice shopping malls and discount big-box stores. The Pentagon has about 26,000 people working there, plus all the other nearby magnets in Arlington, so it might be random crime or individual-upon-individual. You can bet the DoD, the DHS, Virginia, DC Metro, and who knows who else will be on this like gravy on rice--and find out for us.

It certainly sounds like these two officers saved many lives, though, terror attempt or not.

I will update this post through the weekend if any real news shows up.
First Update, midnight March 5:  This article at the WashPost has the best details.


Bob G. said...

It was reported that the shooter died later that night.
I've taken the metro a few times...nice rail system, so it amazes me that something like this could occur.
I suppose ALL the anti-gun freaks will be on this like white on rice...
Kudos (and a speedy recovery) to those two officers wounded during this incident.
Fast action resulted in only ONE fatality (the shooter).

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
You are ahead of me on this one. I really wonder how they will change Metro security over it, too.

Shoppers use Metro all the time, people with no other transportation. So if they buy cutlery or tools, can they get on the bus or train? It's got to be the biggest pain in the ass going for security. And nobody but nobody wants a higher bus fare to pay for the security.

For Second Amendment, I think it should always be noted in crime reports to the press when the gun is unregistered, stolen, or what have you. Anyway, the Supremes look to be closing down the anti-gun laws in Chicago, so don't give up yet!

I wouldn't mind having more comprehensive registration, with some limits, and have it codified jurisdiction to jurisdiction, (like automobile driver licenses, perhaps, just some reasonable standard) but I don't think we should do away with the Amendment at all. Just middle-of-road me.

Ann T.

Bob G. said...

My biggest problem with ANY "gun" legislation (and I'm sure a lot of other gun owners feel likewise) is that no matter HOW many laws you invoke, or no matter how asinine those laws might be to law-abiding citizens...the CRIMINAL will always find some method to obtain a firearm to perpetrate a crime.

When the legislators figure out how to properly address THAT issue (alone) WITHOUT infringing on the RIGHTS of decent people, THEN you'll see a change for the better...not before.

But hey, that's just *my* 2 cents.


Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
I can't disagree about the over-legalized environment. People seem to be sniffing in each other's closets and not minding their own.

I can't find anything on the Web that talks about this impartially, and I am definitely for the 2nd Amendment. I wish more gun owners knew to educate themselves though, so that they know when to shoot, how to store, and how to carry their guns the best.

In fact, I think it was wrong to abolish the draft. For So Many Reasons. This is just one.

Ann T.