Friday, March 5, 2010

The Right Style for the Song

I cannot listen to several Frank Sinatra songs without wanting to yell. Yes, we know you did it your way, Frank. (And it was not well-done of you, either.) And yeah, it was a very good year. (Don't gloat.)

But nobody can sing this song except Frank. I've checked. The lyrics are difficult. It's in the style you have to have: not too maudlin, not too rushed and flip. Michael Buble made an extravaganza out of something lonely and quiet. Marlene Dietrich sinks us to the floor with unrelieved despair. Et cetera.
So here's a well-styled Frank singing with such beauty about heartbreak, and nobody listening to you.


Bob G. said...

We can "blmae" Frank's style of the band leaders he honed his voice with...
If one can attribute a musical insrument to his vocals...then one must call to mind the TROMBONE....
And that was something my DAD told me many years ago.
ANd Dad was rarely wrong, epecially when it came to GOOD music.

Great post...and a damn fine song.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
You know, I do agree that the band leaders gave him more than they are credited for.

I never thought about the trombone, though, and I think that's exactly right. Your dad was onto something there!

Thanks for popping in!
Ann T.

The Bug said...

Oh that was nice - the perfect thing to listen to after a long day. We've got Billie Holiday singing this - also nice, but VERY different!

Ann T. said...

Dear The Bug,
I'm so glad it was the perfect--aren't you out of town? Safe trip home, too!

Ann T.