Friday, March 26, 2010

Tarzan & Janie Sue Eat Fried Bananas To Go

1. Oh-kay, the new health bill says we are going to know calories for everything at every chain restaurant with over 20 outlets.  Any chain contemplating an expansion past twenty just hit a barrier to expansion. Any chain of thirty just added an unforeseen, federally-mandated expense that might break them into bits. This may not make perfect sense in a recessionary economy.

2. Otherwise, it's great with me. Many is the time I've eaten a bad something with calorie information (candy bar) over a bad something with no nutrition information (Krispy Kreme doughnut).  I have more ways to count my bad.

3. But people are going to be Shocked and Amazed that that delicious Cinnamon Scone at Starbucks, no bigger than a slice and a half of bread, is 1500-2000 calories. (A slice and a half of bread is 150 calories.) Just apply that shock factor to all pastries and fried chicken sandwiches immediately.

They are still going to order the Scone or  the Chick San.

4. That scone or quick lunch is most people's recommended daily allowance of calories. Nothing but celery (2 calories) and Tic-Tacs (6 calories) for the rest of the day.

5. Texas Women are the calorie-counting Champeens of the universe. Ask me where I'm from. Note I did not say Texas was the founding home of good nutrition, only calorie-counting.

6. In a bold pro-active move, McDonald's has asked Weight Watchers to approve at least part of their menu, and Weight Watchers accepted. Who knew that a shingle of french-fried fish with cheese, tartar sauce, and white bread could pass into dietary rectitude?

Hon, you couldn't make it up. Life gets more like fiction every day. Pass the Tic-Tacs.

7. Photos of Charles Atlas and Bettie Page, don't ask me why. Nothing makes good sense in this post.


Bob G. said...

Makes me wonder if our troopers in theater will be having to count THEIR calories...
Somehow, I can't imagine worrying about how that RING DING I ate 20 minutes ago is affecting my cholesterol, while hot lead is passing overhead and several kinds of hell are breaking loose all around...can you?

BTW...nice Bette Page pic!


Good post.

Edith Bunker said...

I'll still enjoy the occasional scone, and even a few krispy creams. It's better than cigarettes, right?

The Observer said...

Ann T:
Here is another aspect to Gubmint Health Care. Can they tell us what to eat?

Hasn't seemed to help the Brits much, as they still eat their fish'n'chips and drink prodigious amounts of alcohol--and smoke a lot too.

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob G.,
This is such a girl post, but I thought maybe Bettie would add something for you guys!

I'm crazy about Bettie, although, I'd much rather Charles took me to dinner . . . LOL.

Dear Mrs. Bunker,
The whole point of the Texas method of dieting is to eat what you want, so long as you count it. Apparently that's what Weight Watchers is also now all about. So yes, enjoy the Krispy Kreme treats! Life is short!

and it is better than cigarettes!

Dear The Observer,
They've ALREADY BEEN telling us what to eat indirectly. The Farm Bill subsidizes corn syrup, corn oil, and grain! And large multi-billion dollar chicken factories!

NOW they will continue to pay out for corn syrup and bread (I pay $4.00 a loaf!) while spending a HUGE amount of money telling us NOT to eat corn syrup, corn oil, and Bread.

Don't get me started on that flippin' farm bill. I tend to need a big ol' soapbox.

Thanks to everyone for writing in!
Ann T.

Unknown said...

Oh but Bob the gov't/military does count calories in a sense.

Every three months military members are required to pass a physical fitness test as well as weigh in at/under the standards for their sex and height.

Failure is a red mark on your record and three failures = a possible discharge. And they are following thru on these discharges. The military is chock full right now and any reason to toss a soldier/sailor/airman for not toeing the line physically is as good as any I guess.