Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Teachers and Trainers--All the Good

Well, this will be a short and sweet.

A big shout out and a bouquet of Rembrandt Tulips to Miss Brave of New York City. Every day she is teaching manners, science, social skills and social studies, English, stories, legends and fun to thirty very small students. In addition, she has been trying to get one mother of one distressed child to wake up, smell the coffee, and help her own son get what he needs to succeed.

In her last blog post, she details her triumph to the max, in a week that includes field trips, barfing, heart-to-heart talks, and over-it bus drivers. Then one of her commenters told her she wasn't doing her job. Naturally, that commenter was anonymous.

Anonymous: your roses died two weeks ago. Sorry. I can still have them delivered.

My second shout out is to Bunkermeister at Sgt Says, and since he likes militaria, a couple of shields to him (these WWI Army Adjutant Corps Insignia). Just this week he has put out a statement of purpose: to provide short lessons for police officers who want to stay safe on the street. I read him every day, because I learn

a. I can always do better; b. situations can generally be mastered, even the bad ones, with a little forethought, and c. good sense comes in quiet packages.

The Sergeant Says blog is all about sensible thinking. I recommend it to anyone.

So there you have it: two very different people with two very different styles of blogging. Both of them just as interesting as they can be. Both of them committed to teaching.

Tulip painting, Joe Ray Kelley at; Militaria, Snyder's Treasures

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Bob G. said...

AH yes...
"and Therein lies the lesson for today".
(I love Sean Connery quotes.)

Both bloggers have a marvelous view of what's right in the world, and know how to present it.

Nicely done.