Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Urban Terrorism and a Response, in Riverside County, California

Chilling reports:
Right now, the Vagos are in the news for practicing urban terrorism against the police of Hemet, California. They are suspected for placing a pipe in the headquarters of the Hemet Gang Task Force and pumping in a lot of natural gas. Two officers, the first in for the day, realized this immediately and averted fire and explosion. (H/T Sergeant Says for the link.) A zip-gun booby trap was placed on a gate to the PD parking lot. An officer missed taking a head shot by eight inches. Only the poor condition of the gate (and luck) saved him. Then on March 5th, a car belonging to a Gang Task Force member was booby-trapped with a bomb.

The Vagos remain the top suspect for all three of these incidents. Certainly the style of the crime argues for some machining or inventing experience. I hope they get the shop, the makers, and everybody involved.

You have to believe that Hemet's Gang Task Force has been making large strides against the gang. But this response to their effectiveness is absolutely unacceptable to all of us. For those who tolerate the gang or their apologists, (I have seen a few sites), it's time to reconsider your affiliation.

Police Response
On March 17, a Riverside County-wide law enforcement operation targeted 100 Vagos and arrested thirty of them. Arrests were also made concurrently in two other states.

On March 19, an unidentified caller called 911 and stated that a Hemet PD car would be blown up in the next 48 hours. This threat has not so far materialized.

Best wishes to the Hemet Police Department 
and to all Law Enforcement.

Somewhat Related Business
This post announces the addition of a new entry on the gang page and the Sidebar--for Motorcycle Clubs.  I have one going on the Vagos (not quite constructed) but felt there had to be some groundwork laid first.

For those who are interested, I post on gang insignia, some representative news stories, and video or educational sites that show how to recognize gangs, the way they communicate, the modes and methods of their trade, and the threat they pose. I do it to help the law-abiding and maybe even law enforcement.

I am sure that the Hemet PD needs no help from me, but others may be able to use these reference pages to good effect. Because if things get too hot for them in Riverside County, they may go somewhere else.


Bob G. said...

Fantastic post...THIS is what real Americans NEED to see and hear about...
And we need to KEEP being reminded.

Terrorism (of any type) doesn't HAVE to be across some can be in our OWN "backyard".

Keep those hits coming!

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
Once again you scooped me on this from Bunkermeister's blog! But that doesn't matter. I wish more people would stand up and be counted over LE issues.

I read about one motivated PO in the Bronx who was shot three times, he is alive and in good spirits. Bless him and everybody who's fighting the good fight.

Ann T.

Bob G. said...

I only "mentioned" REPORTED it...BIG difference (in my book), and YOU deserve credit for this.

Also, in Santa Ana, CA there is a manhunt for a man who attempted to run over 2 LEOs.
And he was previously wanted for armed robbery...(nice guy).
I'm only "mentioning" this.

It's a jungle out ASPHALT one, and we can only wish and pray for the the best for our LEOs.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
This continual assault on the good people of this world.

Ann T.