Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yo! She's Clearly on Juicey Juice

Ann T. Doggerel, who claims real chops from her time in the RiverTown Ghetto--don't you diss me/or my veraci-T--rounds out this week's Emotional Fool Tour with a Rapper's Lyric for the Other Side--for the police on the beat.

I think someone will maybe get a hoot out of it. The rest of you can click on something else and come back later. It's possible that the foolishness may end right here, and regularly scheduled programming will resume.

Running Hot

Gangsta Taker:
You scored your rock your ass your wheels—yo baby, not so fast
You ran from the beef in the jeep like a blast
You slapped right past and you didn’t see me cruising
It’s no use, Mr. Thug, ‘cos you caused your own confusion

[Run It Hot, Run It Hot]—I’ll Tase You if You Kick Me
[Run It Hot, Run It Hot]—The Cuffs Go on So Quickly
[Run It Hot, Run It Hot]—Your Attitude is Nasty
[Run It Hot, Run It Hot]—You’ll Never Work it Past Me

Wheel-LEO (Wheelio)
My name is (substitute it!) I can stomp your Revolution
To get you what’s deserved is my new year’s Resolution
You’re Anarchist Recidivist a pimple on my @$$
And I’m still Running Hot when you’re running out of gas

[Run It Hot, Run It Hot]—You cannot Escape Me
[Run It Hot, Run It Hot]—You get the Ticket Baby
[Run It Hot Run It Hot]—No, you won’t Forget Me
[Run It Hot Run It Hot]—When you’re Whining you don’t Fret Me

You got your tattoo inked every hour it will diss me?
But if I see it, Think! You won’t manage to dismiss me
To the clink Running Smooth so that you learn some respect.
For the Man Running Hot who can serve and protect—

[Run It Hot, Run It Hot]—You don’t need to hear Miranda
[Run It Hot, Run It Hot]—You’re an Asshole and a Wonda
[Run It Hot, Run It Hot]—I’m Glad your Dads’ a Lawyer
[Run It Hot, Run It Hot]—He Can Tell You Whatcha Did Here

This post is dedicated to those who gave me examples. That would be One Time over at the now-retired Pepper Spray Me, Officer Smith, Johnny Law, 10-80, Beat & Release, Moe at Fatal Funnel, oh, just look at my blog roll. And then their blog roll. 

I'm particularly indebted to One Time for the tattoo example and Johnny Law for the explanation of the Miranda. However, you should not blame them for this. Like so many earnest law enforcement efforts, their work has been perverted to the needs of the sensationalist booby press. Or in this case, the artistic authentic Ann T. Dogg, that long cool woman in a black dress, working for the FBI.

Possible tracks to insert 


Capt. Schmoe said...

If the Zombie killa thang doan work out, you can always fall back on the rap thang! Word.

Bob G. said...

...ANd this is exactly the kind of (c)rap we get to enjoy as they nmerrily thump past out house day and night (been wonderintg whee those cracks in the plater walls came from)

Funny thing, the PRIORITY assigned to a "noise violation" is SO far down the daisy's not ebven funny.
if you get "luckY', a patrol car will come about TWENTY MINUTES.
(by then, this boomcar is cross town)

Personally, this garbage is clownlike...just like the clothing these acoustic morons wear...

If anyone think that is "culture", you best open some DANNON'S and learn "what it is, dawg"...LOL
Now culture.
(much like Gainsborough's Blueboy...or Brahms Symphony #1)

Besides, when's the LAST time YOU heard Martina McBride or Barry Manilow cranked up to over 130 Db?

Cute post.

Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

lol you crack my sh!t up. YOU are my homeslice for real cuz!

And u liked Cake I see. ;)

Ann T. said...

Dear Captain Schmoe,
Oh!!! Rap music may be my next weapon on the zombies! Pretty good artillery!

Or I may just buy a lot of bling and start talking to people. Me and Snoop. Now there's a picture I could get behind.

Got some land in Florida. You interested?

Thanks for writing in!
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
I must confess I didn't think of Brahms No. 1. I was more thinking Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, cranked to the max, booming out of speakers hung on the clothesline at your house. You could follow it up with the 1812, or even a good Kiri Te Kanawa.

You never know. They might get the point. They might get a musical education. Their Jericho also might come tumbling down.

Seriously, though, it's hard to sleep w/ that stuff going on, b/c it means crazy activity outside as well as intrusive noise.
There's also no doubt that excessive vibration is not good for a house.

You do have my sympathies.
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
You know, it depends on which cake you mean. I've studied for this answer. . . not that I needed to, given that I am one with the 'hood.

If you mean shakin' girl butt, I must disabuse my readers of this notion immediately.

Bakery product is good. The musical group cake--that was a cute video!

Glad U got a laugh, sista!
Ann T.

The Observer said...

Ann T

Must have screwed up my first attempt--I'll keep this simple.

That is really funny!

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear T.O.

Girl, U gotta laff when U can!
Ann T. Dogg-erel