Friday, March 26, 2010

"Who's On First" in Zombie Hell

On Monday, I went down
to the basement
to make an appointment about
Financial Doings.

I gave the Zombie Boss a choice.
Tuesday or Wednesday morning.
He chose Wednesday.

I wrote the Zombie Assistant.
I said,
"We made this date for Wednesday."

Tuesday morning, she wrote me back.
"I didn't know anything about it."

(And that's why I wrote.)

Tuesday evening the Zombie Boss wrote me.
"We can't do Wednesday.
"How about Friday?"

I wrote him back. "Friday means
"we lose momentum.
"But if it must be Friday,
then okay Friday."

Wednesday morning
The Zombie Boss wrote me again.
"Zombie Assistant is out Friday.
"I completely forgot.
"Can you come today?"

I move heaven and earth.
Unfortunately, I forgot
The Super Freeze Ray.

So on Wednesday,
I go to the basement.
Zombie Assistant says,
"I don't have anything."

I tell her what I need:
A complete record.
Today, she sends me exactly half.

They still live . . .


Bob G. said...

You have the patience of a SAINT.
(and the eye of a marksman)

Wonder if Miss Ellen can tote a BFG if you ever find the need to "upgrade"

Keep the hits coming!

Have a great weekend.

The Observer said...

Ann T:
AAAIIIEEEE! (Running, screaming in terror---or is it FRUSTRATION?)

Better you than me, Gunga Din

The Observer, marveling at your patience.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob and The Observer,
Oh, my patience is weally at an end.

This is the REAL way zombies eat your brains. But I have written a letter of protest to the Board Prez, he called me. Damn committees.

Thanks for the support!
Ann T.