Thursday, April 15, 2010

101 Words-Muezzin

Every night one cat sleeps in the perch I call the cake plate, pretend ruler of the universe. The other sleeps on the bed, waiting for me to move her before I turn in. Night air blows too cold for an open window. In summer, I leave them open, even in sticky heat. I hear the drunks screaming, the hooker in my building talking phone sex in the parking lot, and at last the street prophet from a loudspeaker. This sounds like the Muslim call to prayer, the muezzin, but it is a female cop advising people to shut it down.


Christopher said...

If this were facebook, I'd simply hit "like".

"Pretend ruler of the universe." I suppose the cat and cop have something in common :)

Ann T. said...

Dear Christopher,
Oh, thank you. I will be posting these 'brevity exercises' from time to time.

If it is any comfort, the police officer is Way more effective than the cat at stopping the noise. The cat just wants to know what those tiny creatures are doing down there.

Ann T.