Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gia, Your Tulips Bloomed

Captain Schmoe can laugh at us over in Hellifornia or Arid Zon-ee-a or wherever he lives. We had the Arctic blast, and now we don't. So it's time to celebrate!

Pink edges.
A Peach grove.

Sometimes you are lucky to have a blue car when you need one. So, yellow. And now, red, red tulips.
There are more, but the Captain might just get sugar shock or something. Or that could be from jellybeans.

Gia, will this do ya?


Unknown said...

They beauteeeeeful!! And I do like the yellow ones best. Wonder if it is the blue car effect??

Gia's Spot said...

Oh yeah baby!! They do it all right! Oh they are wonderful!
I have been away from the blogosphere for a week or two attending to sick siblings (what are the odds of two family members getting blood clots in the same week??? And they are both under 48 ! A really big WTF was heard from Gia this last week!) but excuse that small digression, Ann T. Theses are spectacular! I had an opportunity today to plant some bulbs and get some yard work done and now seeing these, I feel fruit s of my labors already!!
Thanks so much, Gia needed these!!
Put these with Pee Dee's song and I am all set!! Oh maye a Bud Light Lime also?
Have a wonderful weekend!

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
I am a sucker for red and yellow, mixed, especially in front of a blue house. The blue does add, for sure!

Dear Gia,
Dear me, it sounds like you needed flowers all right! Hang in, baby! I'm glad you got some gardening time in.

Dear Captain,
Conflict makes a plot! I used you indiscriminately. Please come back soon. Pretty soon I will run out of bulbs, or bulb flower season will be over. Then regularly scheduled programming will commence.

Happy Saturday to All,
Ann T.

The Bug said...

Beautiful! Dr. M very rashly bought a planter of snapdragons & planted some pansies - I live in fear of the freak freeze!

Ann T. said...

Dear The Bug,
I think the pansies will make it through a frost. I don't know about the snaps, which I also love.

Incidentally, if you pick pansies, and put them in low jars with water, they will grow more blooms all summer long. Maybe you know this already--but--I think Dr. M made some good choices!

Happy days,
Ann T.