Thursday, April 15, 2010

Post-Zombie Reconstruction

Well, as you might imagine, the Condo Board was not exactly pleased to look at an Excel table for Zombie Depredations to the Funds.

A few statistics from the sheet: 136 accounts. 84 of them to be reviewed. Two hundred eighteen entries. That does not include the sixty incident uses of Zombie Discretion, some of which was perfectly proper, the rest which cost us more dollars we can not get back.  I estimate over 20K lost for the halfway mark.

But enough of that. Do I need to wail ALL the time about Zombies? No I don't! Today the weather is fine. Miss Ellen would like to shove off in three-gear splendor to parts unknown. I think we will make time for that.

Other News
In other news, my friend came through his surgery well, although I am sure he is still hurting. Thanks for all the good wishes from everyone.


Momma Fargo said...

Glad to hear about your friend!

The Bug said...

Man! That's a lot of missing moolah - no wonder the zombies are running for their lives!

Enjoy your ramble with Miss Ellen. I'm sure that something blog-worthy will happen on your trip & then we'll be the happy recipients.

Glad your friend made it through surgery - let the healing begin!

Slamdunk said...

Glad to hear about your friend Ann T.

$20,000? I need to bring some popcorn to watch meeting participants discuss that problem. I'll bring Kevlar as well.

Bob G. said...

Glad to hear you friend's doing well...
Regarding that Zombie thing...
The FIRST thing that came to mind was the post-Civil war era...

Now, my question is HOW do you properly apply the term "carpetbaggers" to a ZOMBIE?


Throw me a bone here (make it a FEMUR)


Happy tax day
(ya HAD to spoil it, didn't ya?)


Unknown said...

20 grand???? Holy sh*t! Thats no small beans!

ok, where'd ya go with Ellen? And I'm glad ur friend is on the mend.

Ann T. said...

Dear Momma Fargo and Slamdunk,
Bob and peedee,
I haven't heard any more, but I think he's going to get well now! Thanks for all the kind thoughts! I will let him know so many good people are thinking of him.
Ann T.

Dear The Bug, Slamdunk, Bob, and peedee,
No joke! I added it up. We are never going to be able to collect most of it, but by heck we will have fireworks.

Slamdunk, you're invited. Kevlar will be necessary. i sometimes think I will be shot on sight down there. But probably not.

The popcorn will also work. I'll bring sodas. Dr. Pepper do you?

Zombie Corruption! The carpetbaggers I guess would be ghoul-baggers? Bob, I don't know either, but maybe we'll figure it out.

Grab your femur and come to the Monster mash with Slam . . . Coke okay?

peedee and bug, you are also invited . . . bring weapons. A couple Big Reds for you.

Thanks everybody for writing in!
Ann T.
P.S. Ellen is up next--

meleah rebeccah said...

Glad to hear the Good News about your friends surgery!