Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zombie Tactics--A sad but funny array

Well, I think I have the answer to my previous post about my broken team and the ledger corrections. if I look at this properly, it's funny--in a sad or maddening kind of way.

I'm nearly halfway done. I've had meetings this past week with the accountants, the zombie boss, the Board President. I've written instruction letters and encouragement letters, reviews of meetings, copied everyone.

I've asked zombie boss for past records to be made available. Those were dumped in zombie assistant's office so that everyone understands I am creating crap they must walk around.  LOL! Zombie Assistant got the message, I'm sure. So does everyone who walks into her office to find it trashed.

I've been shown how to access the office computers, but this weekend, with the dumped paperwork to look at, the computers are locked. I will be making a phone call in the next hour to get in, thus proving that they are needed after all. (!)

They've also hidden all the pencils. There are only magic markers of the Sharpie type. How are they getting any work done? I'm laughing. I have plenty of pencils. All I have to do is go upstairs and get one! But they made me take extra steps--just as I am making them take extra ones.

And in the books, I've seen inattention, which was no surprise. Inaccuracy, which is no surprise either.
I've also seen dead apathy, where it was easier to forgive charges with a phone call to the accountant than to send a letter asking for the money. Favoritism--those who have been given a ride for years on small amounts and large. And its opposite, where some people are assessed every charge or screwed in every small way possible. This won't do.

And then I've seen evidence of panic, as things get moved onto ledgers, moved back off, transferred, re-added, but without checking the full ledger for accuracy. A lot of double-billing for late fees that now must come off for some months--all panic. No billing for late fees whatsoever for other months, on the same ledger. Just dumb.

Last of all, I see outright lying and cover-up--the loss of hundreds of dollars so that I would not ask about certain accounts, so that they could say the balance on these problem units was zero. I now understand why this effort is so threatening to them.

This effort has mostly uncovered steadily aggregating amounts of lost money, all because of laziness, inattention, pettiness. The worry I had about a broken team in the previous serious post was a little off. This team has never been. The worry I had about 'exposing' them for petty reasons--that's true and not true. I think I wrote that post as much to myself, as a warning not to descend to those tactics. I'm past that now. But I can't help but expose their petty reasons, because the ledgers shout them out at every turn.

We have a problem. The problem is not really the money amounts--significant yes, back-breaking, no--but the way trust has been breached, continually, Owner by Owner, across the spectrum. The Board will be meeting over the first half of the accounts this week. I have a three-page report prepared, a ledger ready for them to see, and a book of two-part memos nearly finished, documenting all of the adjustments, properly or improperly made. The Board is going to get angry, but they're going to approve the adjustments in the spirit of expediency and also large-mindedness--in some places, you can't go backward. Then they will scrutinize the zombies in, I know, a much closer way.

So, on the moral front, I'm in good shape. I know I'm right, and I can forge ahead. . .


Linnnn said...

All I can say is having been immersed in incedibly small-minded zombie tactics for 17 years while employed by a major company, watch your back. They seem harmless at first, but they just want to eat your brains. Looks like you have the efficient ammo for the "headshot" that normally brings the typical zombie down. Just practice your reload speed to vanquish multiples say my son, The Boy, who knows. Zombies may seem slow, but they sneak up.

Bob G. said...

...and they groan a lot...that tends to give their position
Integrity is your best weapon, right alongside truth and knowledge.

Helluva "triple-play" there.

Ann T. said...

Dear Linnnn,
You are right. I do feel those slings and arrows. I just keep going for now, although, it does not feel great and I am not looking forward to the showdown. It will come, I think soon.
Thanks for a timely warning.

Dear Bob,
Yes, they do give their position away too! I keep wanting to laugh at the same time I want to give them an earful.

Going to keep the high road.

Thanks to you both for writing in.

Ann T.

meleah rebeccah said...

Good for YOU on taking the High Road. I dont think I would be able to rise above the pettiness.

Ann T. said...

Oh, Meleah,
It's so hard not to shoot back, and yet they just are so small,

I needed that encouragement.
Ann T.

The Observer said...

Ann T:
Yes, very difficult not to respond in kind.
Once things are cleaned of zombie residue, measures will have to be taken to make sure it does not rapidly recur.
The Observer

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Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
I am girding myself up for an even worse possibility, which will be gratuitous damage afterward. Zombie rage! I am not the only person on the Board who is thinking this, either.

Oh, monstrous revenge! If they fall into that trap I will have them in my sights for sure,
Ann T.