Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Forces of Chaos, Temporarily in Abeyance

Two reasons for a short post:

1. I am shampooing carpet. The big part of the job is not the actual shampooing, but the temporary dismantling of my desk (right when I am reading instructions, too!).  All this weight-lifting is good for the arms.

And the cats see the new divisions of space as a Sign to Play! I realize that no corner is loved like a new corner. They have re-associated themselves with every piece of now-murphy-oiled stick of furniture and played some interesting games of chase, hide-and-seek, and King of the Mountain.

2. Today BoyCat has his staples removed. He has been such a good patient i am not even mad at him for eating all my hair-ties.

At the Hathaway 'crib', we are all nearing the end of extra effort just to keep things at a good normal.  And re-discovering all the good corners and spaces . . . .


Slamdunk said...

Best wishes with that project Ann T. At least the felines will have fun playing while you struggle with a screwdriver.

Momma Fargo said...

Sounds like you could bring that shampooer to my house when you are done!:)

Cat and your hair ties had me in stitches much like Boy Cat. Glad he's doing well.

Take care and dont' forget to have some ME time.

Christopher said...

Further justification for my disdain for both carpet and cats :)

Bob G. said...

You just HAD to remind me about carpet shampooing...(sughs).
Still, nice to know the cats are doing well and find your efforts both self-rewarding and with definite purpose.
(new places to hide)

"a good normal"...I like that.

The Observer said...

Ann T:
Best wishes for your spring cleaning project. I bet you found oodles of lost cat toys while moving furniture!

Congrats to BoyCat for being a good little patient in the end. How's his sister doing?

The Observer

WF: Aarregi(!!) which sounds like something you might say when you drop something heavy on your foot.

PS: I assume that the stomach acid marinated hair ties were tossed...

Unknown said...

My lord, if I had carpets I'd slit my wrists. In florida, we dont do carpets. Tile is king and wonderful and sooooooooooo easy to clean up. Kiss the kitties for me! So glad boy cat is on the mend!

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
So far, so good. I am now working on the desk! Just a little at a time.

Thank you!
Ann T.

Dear Momma Fargo,
You know, I always expected you might be slightly crazy, and Now I Am Sure. Did you want me to do your carpets???? Bwahahahahaha!!

I may NEVER do this again. ROFL! Probably again next spring (I'm a little late this year!)

I think I could have made a Whole New Cat on the hair that supersonic vacuum picked up. On second thought, I may not be running late at all.

I wonder how sick BoyCat would have been if he ate carpet instead . .

Thanks for writing! Have a great evening!
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
I probably am the wrong place to turn for ENCOURAGEMENT in your duties right now.

I will say it has made a notable difference and only cost hmmm, $25 for rental and 20 for soap. That's pretty good!

News Flash: Today my Wonder Woman t-shirt came in, and this was surely the perfect day to channel W.W.!!

Thanks for stopping by. I will be by tomorrow and catch up!


Ann T. said...

Dear Christopher,

I know exactly what you mean. I am actually a dog person--I like working dogs like border collies and German shepherds.

But in this condo, dogs are Verboten. So is uncarpeted space. I have great parquet flooring, too.

Thanks for stopping by!
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
I did find a few toys. Oh, and the Fairy Princess??? Did she do anything wrong, scary, or of concern? What are you talking about? Why, chicken broth wouldn't melt in her mouth.

My darling psychopath.

And BoyCat is great. He was doing the last scene to Tristram and Isolde all by himself in the cat carrier though. It was Wagner for sure.

Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,

They have this stupid rule to keep sound down in the building. Then they inspect twice a year and that's on the checklist, along with new a/c filters, working fire alarms, all that.

It's a pain in the Neck!