Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hemet Anti Gang Task Force Still Under Threat

I have an update/correction/amendment to a previous post. Then two announcements that are somewhat related.

Hemet, California Update
In late March, I posted that the Vagos Motorcycle Club were under some suspicion for attacks/ambushes on the Anti-Gang Task Force of the Hemet, California Police Department. As of this posting, a $200,000 reward is still being offered.

Shortly thereafter, a four-state crackdown on the gang commenced, netting at least one meth lab, and numbers of weapons, drugs, and people in violation of parole.  On April 22, 2010, the Los Angeles Times reported that one or more white supremacist groups (neo-Nazi gangs) are also being considered for these crimes targeting law enforcement. A crackdown on Neo-Nazi groups took place in Riverside County, California, where Hemet is located.

The investigation continues, so Hemet PD is not confirming which group or groups they feel is responsible. Anyway, their alliances with other local, state, and federal law enforcement means that they are pushing forward on anti-gang work. I hope they do get everyone who tried to ambush them.  This cannot be tolerated.

Vagos MC Post Up (Finally)
The Vagos MC bibliography and notes is finally posted. It was difficult to find good news articles to make a history of sorts--references to articles suggesting long history do exist. Unfortunately the newspapers are not keeping deep archives on the Web for our use. I am sure that budgetary pressures provide a reason. Nevertheless, this represents a regrettable loss of good information.

News Articles Posted As Needed
Because of this, I am now going to cut-and-paste newspaper articles that seem important in gang information and place them somewhere on the gang page posts. I hate when this stuff gets lost. These won't become a daily posting on the main blog page, however. I will also reference them properly. And of course I won't get them all.


Bob G. said...

Good to know this crackdown is netting some perps and doing some good...
I always like "happy endings", even if the story isn't quite finished yet.

Keep those hits comin'!

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
I couldn't let it go, not just because of what it is--but, I had to do the correction.

Anyway, thanks for noting. I may get better at this journalism thing as I go along.

Ann T.