Saturday, May 15, 2010

National Police Week, Part Four: Those Who Gave More

Today's Event:
Today the 29th Annual National Peace Officer's Memorial Service will be taking place in front of the Capitol. Normally scheduled for noon, it starts at 11:00 a.m. this year. For those who are independently getting there, this is the intersection of 3rd Street and F, the restricted parking lot. You could also take a cab to the Sam Rayburn Senate building and come around the side. No matter what you choose--cab, bus, Metro--you will do some walking.

Today's Tiny Tribute:
Today I offer a fiction. It will never encompass the reality. But this is the best law enforcement movie ever. Best political movie ever. Best Western ever. Best movie about Bravery, and Conscience, ever:
High Noon.
Here's the trailer.

His bride-to-be didn't understand. His deputy wanted him to compromise, do something splashy. The lawful cowards went to church, scared to death and still somehow acting superior. The bad men come. On a lonely street, Gary Cooper looks around, he hitches up his pants--a gesture conveying every sickness, sadness, fear, and resolution--and he goes forward. He has not one comfort or reassurance to help him. He stays true to himself. True to his ideals. In the movies, this works out.

Not everyone who goes forward comes back.
Today we honor fallen officers for their ideals and their life. Each one made a sacrifice we cannot forget.


Bob G. said...

Leave it to YOU to find one of MY favorite movies...(came out the year I was born...weird, huh?)

I think Cooper is FANTASTIC in the movie.
And he proves HIS point everyone, especially at the end!

Got it on DVD finally, too!

We(all) do what must be done, in order THAT it WILL get done...we do it because it's the RIGHT THING to do.
And it's OUR CHOICE!

Excellent post.
Thanks for the Police Week updates...been good to follow them all.

Have a great weekend!

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
It is one of my favorite movies too! It's a good one to examine one's choices in, too.

I hope you also have a great weekend!
Thank you for stopping in!


Christopher said...

We rented a house in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and were lucky to be just a few blocks, making it an easy walk. That Saturday goes down as one of the best days of my life.

Ann T. said...

Dear Christopher,
Thanks for adding that to this post. I was able to see law enforcement and their families at their most formal, plus a few casual and funny moments that week.

After the vigil, I wandered through downtown and we had police out all over--nothing drastic, just life as it goes.

Not even a vigil, a memorial service, or a week of celebration stops the work at hand. But I like to think that the ceremonies give purpose and meaning, bring the strength back.

I appreciated the chance to be a witness and a 'representative' of the community served.

Thanks for writing,
Ann T.