Monday, May 17, 2010

Oxycontin Junkie JailCat

This afternoon, GirlCat still hissed and cursed her beloved brother whenever I lost my will to run Solitary Confinement. That will was Easily Renewed, considering the Spite and Bad Manners, not to mention AntiSocial Tendencies displayed. No remorse? No freedom!

I don't know what drugs BoyCat's getting, (they did not label them, which is a distinct clue),  but as long as GirlCat stays away he looked pretty darned tranquil. Those staples don't bother him one bit. Two doses to go, and then all hell will probably break loose. I will have to wrestle that cone onto his wringable neck.

I would say poor baby, but does he write the checks? Aw, poor sleepy baby. Twenty four more hours, and then it's lock-down rehab for you.

Anyway, GirlCat made a truce at last with society. She doesn't have to Like society to get along in it. There must be Some Way of endangering it where she will Not Get Caught.  After several intercepted forays into the Medicinal Cat Food, she finally gave up. I found her hours later tucked under the bedspread AND the pillows, trying to shut reality out. Maybe she wanted a dose of Oxycontin too.

If anyone deserves it, I am first in line. However, as the premier keeper of Order in this joint (and who nominated ME, anyway? Must have been the checkbook) my chance at Oxycontin is dead last.

Fortunately, there is coffee. I understand it has a totally different effect, but that works for me.

Update: Here is the evil Princess. Does she look p.o. 'ed or What? Anyway, in this picture one can see she has Completely cut off her nose to spite her face. And I do mean spite.


Bob G. said...

It's called "tough love" for a reason...even with CATS.

We'll be thinking of you (and them).

Ours go through "hissy-fits", too...and you'd think after 13 YEARS together, they'd find better diversions to amuse themselves (guess not).
Like many things in life...we take it one day at a time.


The Bug said...

Sorry you're having cat woes. I can't believe what all Boy Cat had ingested! Sheesh!

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
You are right: one day at a time. Good thing I love these fuzzy delinquents! We are going to make it.

Ann T.

Dear The Bug,
They gave me a picture at the vet's office. Unbelievable cuisine. I did cat-proof the house again.

Thanks for the sympathy.
I am okay and BoyCat is just woozy,
GirlCat looks to be getting her regal nature back.

Ann T.

The Observer said...

Ann T:
Oh, thank God your Girly-Cat is over her snit. BoyCat probably smells normal now.

Great pic! I see that nekked belly and shaved arm. I wonder if it itches for cats having the hair grow back like it does for humans. LOL.

I've only had spay surgeries around my house, and the last was for my LadyCat many years ago. (GirlCat came to me already spayed.) I've never given the ladies any pain meds! Men/Boys!

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Oh, for sure, I am grateful for no snit.

the meds are no problem, I squirt them down his throat and then give him chicken broth. This has worked so far!

Thanks for writing in!
Ann T.

To Bob, the Bug, and the Observer,
I think we're out of the woods.


Slamdunk said...

Sounds like you have become the great peacemaker. It is times like these when we look forward to going to work--too rest that is.

meleah rebeccah said...

She may look MAD, but still SUPER cute!

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
It's true!! Work is far more orderly than two cats hell-bent on destruction.

Thanks for writing in!
Ann T.

Dear meleah,
Yes, she's a cutie pie. It was like seeing Alien or something when she popped off.

Ann T.