Saturday, May 29, 2010

Photos: Be Darned if I Know

Who is this mysterious lady? I was thinking Barbara Jordan, but why a 51? Maybe I am not up on the new reformers.

What the heck green flower is this? Is it from Australia?

Who is this little man and what does he stand for? He looks like trouble about to happen--and that you pay in advance to get.

At least he looks like a past danger. Or--?

This water ran for days . . . and they knew it, because cones were out. So . . . (?)
This in the city that charges a nickel per grocery bag in order to preserve the watershed.  Probably that's irrelevant. However, I have wanted to complain about it since January 1st, and this is as good a place as any.

And, Why did I wear high heels on a five-mile walk? Ouch. Where are my band-aids?

Yes, have a Great Weekend! From a Clueless Ann T.


The Observer said...

Ann T:
On my way to picnic, but a few quick thoughts.

The 51 in a star? Supports DC as a 51st state perhaps?

Little bugman? Beats me.

Hydrant open? City government minds at work (or not)?

Flowers? Very beautiful.

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
And a big fat 'duh' to Ann T.! Yup, has to be 51st Statehood. now I wonder if this is either Dorothy Haight or one of our congresswomen.

Thanks for popping up with an answer!
Ann T.