Sunday, May 30, 2010

Zombie Warlock Returns

Unbelievable!! The Zombie Boss before this one:

cut himself a check for salary in lieu of vacation (against the by-laws),  without informing anyone,
quit with no notice,
later tried to get unemployment from us as a fired employee instead of a quit employee,

de-trained Zombie Assistant as well as the two Hulks in the basement,
screwed up the billing and
almost got the power cut off by not paying bills for almost 300 units,
lied about his engineering qualifications so now we STILL are re-working the hot water system,

is back in town. I have seen him three times in three days. He lives in our neighborhood.

Has Zombie Warlock NO SHAME? Why am I asking myself this, after all that went before?

They sneak up, you know. This one likes to bake.  I am pretty sure his portly self recruited our portly Zombie Assistant with the use of Infected Madeleines--Zombie Fruit Tarts with Special Infusions--Flaky, Contaminated Croissants. Beware the Roast Beast au Jus!

He also wanted to have an affair. Beware the closed door!!  And now, since he is out and about, I must even beware the sidewalks and coffee houses!

So I am thrilled, just thrilled, that he is back.  So thrilled, in fact, that I applied for a concealed carry permit for my Zombie Smack Ray.  He cannot prevail! Something tells me he and Zombie Assistant are just yakking it up every lunch hour they both have off.  Hmmm, I wonder if those Fruit Tarts had an aphrodisiac in them. Maybe that is why Zombie Assistant had lap-band surgery.

Bzzzzzwhack! If he tries anything, anything at all.


Bob G. said...

You're so right when you say he has no shame...!
(what a shrub)

They say that what you do in life (good OR bad) comes back to you sooner or later.

Wow, is THIS guy racking up the brownie points in the MINUS column!

His life's gonna stink on ice real can almost feel it.

Have a great Sunday.
(in spite of people like this)


Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
He left for the left coast-new job-and it ran out on him already. I wouldn't hire him to cover a slit trench, although, I might push him into it!

Anyway, though, you're right . . . karma's going to get him in the end. Maybe even a swift kick in the end, LOL!

Thanks for the support,
and have a great Sunday too!
Ann T.