Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'll Take Your Two Bucks, Copper, But Don't Come Back

Never, ever a shortage of Wing Nuts:
and I feel so much like ranting, but I don't want to be one too.

A police officer stopped for coffee in a Southeast Portland cafe. After he bought the coffee, a woman stopped him, preparing to tell him how grateful she was to local police. Lately they had saved the life of a man she knew who had been shot.

The proprietor came over and asked the police officer to leave and never come back. He doesn't want the police around.

He discriminated against someone according to their job, without finding out anything about that person as an individual. He does not like police because they have guns. What about that the police save lives, too?

And, as later disclosed, if his shop was robbed, he would not call the police. He would ask for help from his friends--do they have guns? What will they do? I read one comment that this vegan joint is a hotbed of anarchists. That's unsubstantiated.

But, Anarchist? If it's True?
If he got shot by a bad guy, would he go to a county-funded hospital, or would he let his barrista do the surgery? Does this barrista have a food-handler card? How about a license to practice medicine or time in a government-accredited medical school? Does he take government-issue money, or do people pay with sacks of squash?

So, good. You got your way, boyo.  I would never be so tacky as to wish calamity upon you. Instead, I hope you re-evaluate your position the easy way.

If in Oregon, please do not patronize the restaurant Red and Black in SE Portland. This would be to make a stand against discrimination and small-mindedness. To support the local law enforcement. I still can't believe this pseudo-moralistic crap. But I said I wouldn't rant.
Police One has the short version, taken from this story at The Oregonian.
The friendly bystander, Ms. Seigneur, has a blog. She posted the incident once. Then she posted a second time, based on the number of comments she received.
I would read the Oregonian and the First post by Ms. Seigneur if I was short of time.


Anonymous said...

Having read the suggested post; this really winds me up. The cop looks like a good guy. How annoying. I've never had this in the UK.

Bob G. said...

That shopkeeper needs a swift kick in his ASSessemnt of the local constabulary.

He'd be the FIRST one hollering on the phone *if* something bad happened to his little slice of anarchy, rest assured.

THEN, he'd get the ACLU to sue the police for NOT getting there FAST enough.

What a shrub.
And life is always full of irony and karma...but he might find that out all by himself.

Good post.

Ann T. said...

Dear Inspector Gadget,
Apparently there is a huge self-identified anarchist movement in Portland with some very specious logic in their flyers and rants.

Portland had 2 officer-involved shootings recently and the locals were not pleased.

He Does sound like a good guy. I think it is terrible.

Thanks for dropping by, Inspector, I will always serve you coffee here!

Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
Hell yes I want to kick ass too.

Thanks for stopping in. I knew you'd be fried right next to me.


Spark Check said...

I would much rather have the business in question ask me to leave, rather than invite me in and poison me. Which is exactly what happened to me around the holidays. I ended up losing ten pounds in three days and was out of commission for nearly a week.

Ann T. said...

Dear Spark Check,
That's simply terrible and terrifying.

Although I did wonder about it as I was typing this post. Call me paranoid.

Thanks for speaking out. maybe someone will protect themselves out of this comment.

And thanks for stopping in, as always I am glad to hear from you!
Ann T.

Momma Fargo said...

Wow. Been awhile since I have been told that.

Powerful post.

Ann T. said...

Dear Momma Fargo,
So. When did you hear it? I am outraged all over again. I mean, if it was a whorehouse I understand, but otherwise, not.

Ann T.

The Observer said...

Ann T:
Wing nut indeed. I wonder if he allows the Health Department in his establishment?

Does he call 911? What would he do if he was robbed? If he had a fight in his store? If he had a fire?

What a dipwad.

Thanks for the informative post. But it is rant inducing!

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
When pressed, he said he would rely on friends if he was robbed and not police. But he's still a free rider on the government--everything we do to protect his neighbors protects him too.

Yup, a dipwad.

Thanks for ranting too,
Ann T.