Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just This Last Two Weeks, I Learned

For months, no bills were paid,
And cash from payments was mislaid.
I fixed or followed up these flaws
That threaten to undo us all.

The electricity almost went out.
The gas, the water, and what about
The sewage and the garbage? Late,
And the repairmen have had to wait.

Piled paper covers my dining table.
Because each owner is unable
To discover what they owe.
And you stop me when I try to know.

Tomorrow, I see you at two.
To show you what you need to do.
You get paid, and we do precision
Because you cannot make decisions.

I'm tired of coaxing, training, reminding
And fixing the mistakes I'm finding.
It overflows my coffee cup
And I'm not yelling. I wrote you up.

Okay, I vented. And, Dear Readers, how are you?


Gia's Spot said...

Cant you fire them? That is a horrible umbrella to be living under!
(Nice poem, also!)

Unknown said...

Sounds like you've had enough zombie crap for this week at least!!

I am good. Annoyed at my inability to stay upright on the blades, but good. After the MRI we'll see just how good I am at the continued destruction of my body! lol

Bob G. said...


ANd the title is...
(lemme guess)...


Just have a feeling on this.


Very well said AND written!

Ann T. said...

Dear Gia,
If I could! My fellow members of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are working on this, although, they are a little behind my curve.

Last night's meeting was horrible.
But I think we may be on track to get rid of the Umbrella.

Thanks for your concern! It is a little too shady down here.

Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
Yes, plenty Zombies and a day full today and tomorrow.

That scared the heck out of me, to hear how close to freaking disaster you came! Thank goodness you are getting the MRI. And I sympathize about being off the skates. After going out on Miss Ellen walking seems so--well, pedestrian, LOL . . .

Take care!

Momma Fargo said...

While you are fixing things, can you fix mine, too? This sounded like me. The month of June has slipped away and the bills keep stacking up. They make for good fire starter, tho. LOL.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
You are Right, LOL! This work by committee is killing me! Last night though, our President admonished him for various factors. We are all standing on the same Mother Ship for now.

Thanks for the Kudos! Today I can really use them!


Ann T. said...

Dear Momma Fargo,
I think I can pencil you in for January!! OMG! You and me standing in the dark in two different cities!

We'll have to crawl through this basement and find the stairs.

Ann T.

The Bug said...

Love the poem! Although the subject matter leaves a lot to be desired. I'm envisioning a day down the road (January, you say?) where the ship is on the right course again!

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh my goodness! What would they do without YOU fixing everything!!

Ann T. said...

Dear The Bug,
Thank you! I can hardly wait. In fact, I am more than ready to pass some of this off!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear meleah,

Good question! Eh . . . uh . . .

Ann T.

The Observer said...

Ann T:

Why don't I hear the sounds of heads rolling?

I thought if you got hired and paid to do something, and you didn't do it, you got fired. That's the way it has always worked in my world, pretty much.

Fire them, hire you and PAY YOU to deal with this crap.

Sounds good to me.

The Observer

PS: You should go to my post about KC mayoral candidates and check out my critic in the comment section. You'll laugh, as I did. I think someone has too much time on their hands! (Of course, being the perfectionist soul that I am I fixed everything, except maybe the quote thing...)

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Oh, yes, the sound of falling heads!

Well, we have a rule that no Owner can be reimbursed by the Association. So unfortunately (or fortunately as the case may be) they can't hire me. I think everyone is afraid that if they fire, they will have to do more than they are already.

Gosh, I don't know where to put my comma this time.

Ann T.

Slamdunk said...

Nicely done with the poetry--though I am sorry that the content must make you punch walls.

With my limited talents, if I tried to do a post in verse it would like start with: "Roses are red..."

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
Now that's pretty funny! Hmmm, let me think.

Violets are blue
And roses are red
How I wish that I knew
That these zombies were dead.

That was the second try. LOL, and it was darn therapeutic, too!

Thanks for the understanding.
Ann T.

P.S. I have no trouble imagining you writing verse--

BobKat said...

Ann, do you normally write poetry? That was good... but not knowing you, and reading some of the other comments do I understand there is trouble right now for you and you're venting because you may feel you're unable or very frustrated, to bear your burden?

I like your poetry... just concerned - if it'll help, I've decided to keep my job with the 3 1/2 hour a day commute for 10 more years, then retire. Live on SS. Or, at a reduced rate, retire at 62. I can then stop polluting the planet with my Toyota oil fumes... (my Toyota burns a lot of oil, though you wouldn't see it - and I know several other T' owners same the same). Point is... 2nd Street got sucked into Wall St., and we never had a chance to begin with, a fact over-looked. We've worked our butts off believing that CEO's with golden parachutes were genuine, caring, shrewd businesspeople, and though yes, we are their bread & butter, but we wrongly assumed they were doing the right thing, following the laws and rules.

Now we suffer, and fret... we on Main and 2nd St. and beyond.

You're not alone...